Maybe Having Patrick Mahomes Is Enough| Eric Bieniemy Deserves A Head Coaching Gig, But He’s In No Hurry To Leave Kansas City

Eric Bieniemy has been considered a leading head coaching candidate the past few seasons because of his exceptional work as offensive coordinator in Kansas City.  

Bieniemy hasn’t been hired for any of the vacant head coaching jobs in the league, despite orchestrating record-setting offenses and being the subject of adulation from head coach Andy Reid and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Many in the media have also called for EB to get his opportunity to lead a franchise.



Here’s what Patrick Mahomes said about Bieniemy’s lack of head coach offers last season via Pro Football Talk: 

“It amazes me honestly. If you look at his track record, the way he coaches us, the wya he’s able to lead men, to be able to lead a locker room of different people from every background, ever different race, everything like that, and to be the leader of a locker room is a special talent. He’s able to do that. And the way he’s able to go about calling plays throughout the game. We have Coach Reid, and Coach Reid calls plays, but there’s a ton of input from Coach Bieniemy and he calls a ton of plays in our game plan and it gets overlooked.”


Maybe Bieniemy Is Content Staying In K.C. Until Andy Reid Retires: It’s A Great Situation

What if Bieniemy is OK with not being hired as a head coach? Last offseason the Texans decided not to hire him. That was a huge mistake, as he could have similar success with a talented signal caller like Deshaun Watson. Rumors are Watson wanted Bieniemy, but some say EB wanted nothing to do with the job.

Maybe Bieniemy made the right decision, considering how Deshaun Watson was erased from the equation while he handles legal battles. The team stumbled to a 4-13 record this season. 

Watson would have been wise to advocate for the team to hire the talented play caller after seeing all the success Mahomes has endured under EB.

There’s reason to believe Bieniemy just might be comfortable winning a ton and playing for championships in K.C. as Reid’s offensive coordinator. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and when you have a top-three QB, top-three wide receiver, the top tight end and a young and ever-improving offensive line, why would you leave a sweet situation? One that you may have the keys to in a couple of seasons.

Eric Bieniemy Is A Master Playcaller – The Shadow League

Having a top-three offense for four consecutive seasons while playing in two Super Bowls and winning one makes it hard to leave. There aren’t many better situations than that in the NFL. In fact, the Chiefs were one off-sides penalty from playing on Super Sunday every year since Mahomes became the starter in 2018. Finding a franchise QB is the hardest thing in sports, and the Chiefs have one who is only 26 years old.

Andy Reid is 63, so he won’t do this forever. That’s probably enough to keep Bieniemy waiting in K.C. At least for the next two seasons. 

Mahomes Is A Franchise QB That Bieniemy Has Developed: No Way He Wants Someone Else To Reap Those Benefits

Mahomes and EB have been joined at the hip since Mahomes’ arrival in 2017. The tandem has had unprecedented success, but the relationship is one built on honesty and compromise. It hasn’t always been peachy. 

Bieniemy is quick to call Mahomes out and doesn’t care who knows it. Last season, in a game against the Broncos, Bieniemy chewed his QB out for getting a false start penalty. It was reminiscent of the spats that Bill O’Brien and Tom Brady would have on the sidelines en route to consistent Super Bowl success. 

Mahomes discussed the little dust-up on his weekly radio spot on KCSP in Kansas City. 

“Yeah, it was kind of a little mixup on the play that we wanted to call in that situation. And then like you said, both of us love it. I think that’s the biggest thing: both of us love being out there playing this sport, being part of the Kansas City Chiefs, and we both were just frustrated more with the game than we were with each other.
And so obviously, we got a little frustration there. But we talked it out right after, and, I mean, I love that dude. He loves me and we’ll keep rolling.”

There’s a mutual love and respect there, and the chemistry between the two has created a consistency that makes Kansas City a threat every time out. 

Bieniemy will undoubtedly accept interviews, but there’s no way he takes a job that doesn’t have a talented quarterback in place. With all due respect to Brady and Rodgers, Mahomes is the future of the NFL. By overcoming a 3-4 start to storm into the playoffs, Mahomes and Bieniemy faced their first real challenge and came through on the winning side. 

The successor to Andy Reid is already in tow. There are plenty of qualified Black candidates that we can support as qualified head coaches for coaching jobs, but don’t get too caught up in the fate of Eric Bieniemy, because right now he’s perfectly OK with developing Patrick Mahomes and leading the Chiefs offense while strengthening his relationship with the head coach he may one day replace.

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