Magic’s Biggest Assist | The Business Mogul Reintroduces His 42-Year-Old Son to Family Empire With Executive VP Position at Magic Johnson Enterprises

Magic Johnson is a bona fide businessman, and he is raking in way more money now than he ever made playing in the NBA in the ’80s and ’90s.

He’s built a business portfolio that can rival any former athlete and is now taking another legacy step in his storied life by bringing his firstborn son back into the fold to help run his empire.

Magic Johnson hired his oldest son, 42-year-old Andre Johnson, as an Executive VP at Magic Johnson Enterprises. (Photo: Instgram @magicjohnson)

In a move that will most likely result in Andre Johnson eventually becoming the head of Magic Johnson’s company (Magic Johnson Enterprises), the Lakers legend’s 42-year-old offspring was brought on as the executive vice president for the investment company.

Magic Johnson announced earlier today via social media:

I’m so excited to announce the return of my son Andre Johnson to Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) as Executive Vice President! Andre is a great addition to the team and will help facilitate our expansion into new industries and work with our existing partners.

Over the past decades, Andre has diversified experiences working for Canyon Johnson, a global investment company and then transitioning to artificial intelligence and technology with roles at the Virtual Reality Company, Mythical Games and most recently, SimWin Sports.

The timing couldn’t be better as MJE continues to grow and elevate to new heights with ownership in 5 teams including the Washington Commanders, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC); SodexoMagic, a $26 billion life insurance company Equitrust, and our infrastructure fund Johnson Loop Capital (JLC).

Andre Has Experience Working In Various Corporate Jobs

As much as this move could be perceived as nepotism, Andre Johnson knows business, and has paid his dues. He’s worked as an Artist and Repertoire (A&R) at Elektra Records, he’s also held positions at Hydra Entertainment, Mythical Games, and SimWin Sports.

His dad has built quite a portfolio of businesses, and it seems Andre is finally ready to take the wheel and begin to lead the Johnson family legacy into the next decade.

Andre also knows that his father is a results-driven individual who has been a part of successful ventures within the sports world and outside of it, so he won’t be cutting his son any slack.

Magic Johnson Is A Winner

Via The Shadow League:

Magic’s done a great job of helping out with the teams that he has invested in, as the LA Sparks are generally a contending WNBA team. The Los Angeles Dodgers are consistently one of MLB’s best teams. LAFC is fresh off a Major League Soccer championship win. Not to mention the Los Angeles Lakers, a team that he once owned stake in, once hired him as president of basketball operations. Magic was influential in corralling LeBron James via the most uneventful free agency of Bron’s career in a move that led to a 2020 championship for the vaunted franchise.

Not Andre’s First Time Working For Dad

This isn’t Andre’s first rodeo with his father’s company.

Andre held the position of vice president of business development at Magic Johnson Enterprises from 2004 to 2010.

Even though Andre has all the support in the world from his father as he navigates through the different corporate realms, his track record clearly exemplifies experience, which is why the move to return to his father’s company is the perfect move.

Surely Andre will make a lot of money with his dad and his company, but the experience and challenge is also invaluable. There will be no shortage of tasks or deals to close and ideas to implement.

Magic has tons of investments in different businesses such as movie theaters, fast food chains, and even real estate. He was a major stakeholder in Starbucks, as he once owned over 100 stores of the popular coffee shop brand.

Johnson’s latest venture in his quest to take over the world of sports business is his ownership in the group that bought the Washington Commanders football team.

With a portfolio like that, Magic Johnson, who become a billionaire this year, also has a billion dollars’ worth of a game he can share with Andre.

Magic has 10,141 assists in his iconic NBA career, but the assist he’s giving his first born will be the biggest dish he’s ever made.

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