New Washington Commanders Minority Owner Magic Johnson Gives Franchise Inspirational Speech About Winning Ahead Of Season Opener

When it comes to winning, not many athletes in any sport did so more than former Michigan State and Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson.

During his illustrious Hall of Fame career, Johnson won at every level from high school to college and then became one of the most influential figures in NBA history, winning five NBA championships as the catalyst for the “Showtime” Lakers.

Following his stellar basketball career, Johnson hasn’t missed much in the business aspect of his life. 

The greatest point guard in NBA history has had his hands in many pots including being minority of the Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), LA Sparks (WNBA), Los Angeles FC, and his latest venture these Washington Commanders. Johnson has seen the  Dodgers, Sparks and Los Angeles FC win championships during his tenure as an owner, and he expects to see the same with the Commanders. 

During his first meeting this week with the Commanders players Johnson outlined what it takes to win at the highest level. Johnson has set the standards high for the franchise ever since it was announced that he would be joining the ownership group.

Per reports, Commanders players were intrigued to have someone of Johnson’s stature instilling so much knowledge and wisdom in them as they prepare to open the 2023 season. 

QB Sam Howell Blown Away By Johnson

Second-year quarterback Sam Howell, who was named the starter a couple weeks ago, was one of the players who spoke to reporters about Johnson’s speech. Let’s just say the 22-year-old former UNC Tar Heels star is excited to have Johnson around. 

“It was awesome, man, just to be able to hear what he had to say and be able to ask him questions at the end and pick his brain,” Howell said. “He’s been through so many different teams, and not as only a player, but as an owner and won so many championships on both sides of it.”

“Very magical,” Howell said. “We’re just so fortunate as players to have a guy like that as a part of this organization that has an open door and is always willing to help us and with any questions we have.”

Howell should get plenty from Johnson, because playing QB you’re orchestrating the team just as Johnson did as the first 6-foot-9 point guard the NBA has ever seen. 

Rivera Says Players Were Locked In

As Magic spoke, Commanders fourth-year head coach Ron Rivera says he couldn’t help but notice how locked in they were with him. The former member of the 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears, admitted even he was a bit star-struck. 

“You could see how engaged the players were because they would lean in listening to every word he was saying,” Rivera said. “I was doing the same thing.”

Hopefully Johnson’s words and winner’s mentality rubs off on a franchise that seem nothing but dark since 1999 when former Daniel Snyder purchased the once proud franchise. He then proceeded to run it into the ground. 

All Commanders fans can hope for is anything better than the last 24 years, and with Johnson and the Josh Harris ownership group that seems very plausible. 

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