LeBron James Should Be The 2018 NBA MVP

LeBron James is considered the greatest basketball player on the planet, but he hasnt sniffed an MVP award since winning back-to-back accolades in 2012 and 2013 with the Miami Heat. That should change this season if NBA voters are keeping it 100. 

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LeBron James’ MVP run is back on

Despite playing against super teams and switching coaches and players midstream during his second stint with the Cavs, hes managed to raise his career stats in many instances, reach the NBA finals each season and win a championship in Cleveland. However, he’s spoiled folks with an overall magnificence that makes them take his accomplishments for granted and elevate others above him just because. 

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Only LeBron gets major props on a LeBron James-led squad and thats why Kyrie Irving wanted to bounce to Boston and shine some light on his immense skills. The NBA, the Cavs and fans move mountains and earth to ensure that LeBron is in it to win it come playoff time. And he always is. NBA voters have obviously been bored with that for years now. They already call LeBron “the greatest” as if that’s some kind of consolation prize for not actually being given the award for being the greatest come season’s end. 

I mean, Cleveland shifted its entire roster in a span of a few days, moving away six failing players who were supposed to play vital roles in a championship run for a versatile package of young shooters, athletes and improved defenders. 

All of a sudden Clevelands daunting forecast has changed. The new-look Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 120-112 on Tuesday, two days after stomping the Celtics in their first game with their new band of brothers. 

LeBron James Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Thunder | February 13, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season

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James has been carrying the squad all season and apparently hes helping Tyronn Lue coach the team as well on the court. James could be seen constantly yelling instructions and direction to his new teammates and that’s just how he likes it. The guys who were jettisoned had criticisms of Bron, but never won anything on their own. 

Newcomers like former Laker Larry Nance Jr., who had 13 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks against OKC, welcome the knowledge and direction. 

Its hard to miss a defensive coverage when youve got somebody behind you yelling it for you, he said, per ESPN. He sees everything on the court, offensively and defensively. Offensively he can tell where to go, no matter what position. So hes been integral to my joining the team, but hes not probably the best player of this era. He is.

In reality, despite all of the recent drama about James dominating the ball and minimizing the effectiveness of his teammates, Cleveland works best when James is running the show and playing puppet master. When hes able to be a chameleon and serve any role the club may need on that particular evening. Its part of what makes him special and annoying as hell to play with at times. 

James Harden vs LeBron James EPIC MVP Duel Highlights (2017.11.09) Cavs vs Rockets – MUST SEE!

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Theres no denying that it is a winning formula and with all the talk about James Harden getting his shot at the MVP trophy now, I find it a bit disrespectful to James who should have gotten a fifth league MVP by now, but definitely should be the frontrunner this season. 

Very few if any players would be able to lose their No. 2 guy, lose an entire team and replace it with a different squad and improve overnight. James has done that. It may not be fair that he gets a new team because he demands one, but he is the only guy that could make it all come together so quickly and change the perception and national narrative about of the franchise in one week.

The scary part is that the team is going to improve in the second half and we have no idea of how good they can be.   

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