Kyle Kuzma Gets Roasted On Social Media For His Pregame ‘Fit | Have We Gone Too Far With “Fashion”?

Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma is getting roasted on social media for his pre-game ’fit from Monday, Nov. 22.

Kuz arrived at the Capital One Center in D.C. sporting black pants by Rick Owens, Amiri sneakers and a pink Raf Simons oversized-sleeve virgin wool jumper. The sleeves almost touch the floor, which is saying a lot, considering Kuz is 6 feet 10. The jumper retails for $1,659.

His peers around the league enjoyed getting some jokes off.

“Ain’t no f–king way you wore that!!!” his former Lakers teammate LeBron James commented under Kuzma’s post on Instagram. “I’m not pressing the like button cause this is outrageous Kuz!”

NBA free agents Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins chimed in, adding, “Come on kills… lol that one ain’t it haha” and “Cmon bro. S–t getting outta hand now,” respectively.

Kuzma had fun with it and responded saying “it’s cold out.”

But the question is, have NBA guys gone too far with their outfits? Is this really fashion or the theater of the absurd?

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The color scheme Kuz put together was fire. The black, pink, and white are easy palettes to match. The beanie, Rick Owens pants and sneakers by Amiri work. The oversized-sleeve jumper works because of its color, the cable-knit virgin wool and that frayed neckline. The sleeves are what has everyone trippin’.

Anything Raf Simons borders on the intersection of luxury fashion and haute couture. NBA players are among the most well paid professionals on planet earth, so they can spend a lot on ’fits. Sometimes they work and sometimes, well …

Since the late 2000s we have seen the pregame walk into the arena evolve into a legitimate fashion show. A large segment of the current generation of NBA players really take this seriously and try to one-up their peers.

If you believe Conde Nast’s GQ is an arbiter of fashion and style, then the NBA’s players are doing the damn thing with their ’fits and are fashion forward individuals.

But do NBA players sometimes swing and miss with their choices? Yes. As does anyone.

Pulling off an outfit is as much about confidence as anything. NBA players are never short on that. How else would they make it in the most competitive basketball league in the world?

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Fashion, like anything else, is constantly evolving. We have come a long way from the oversized seven button suits of the early aughts. Some of this new wave may not be your cup of tea, but it doesn’t need to be.

Luxury and haute couture are signifiers of riches and wealth. NBA players have it. Often the point for many is to use their riches to stand out. What is the NBA, if not a bunch of rich supremely talented basketball players?

So have they gone too far?

That depends on what you consider too far is. Kuz tends to land his ’fits more often than not, if you keep up with drip rankings. But perhaps this one was a miss.

Has the league overall gone too far? No.

Most players that do this know how to dress and pull off fire ’fits. Sometimes they just miss.

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