Allen Iverson Isn’t A Fan Of Today’s NBA Fashion Trends

“This is Halloween every night. It’s the 31st of October every night.”

Allen Iverson was known for his culturally controversial fashion choices during his Hall of Fame NBA career. A.I. was unapologetically Black in his attire, reflecting the hardcore Hip-Hop era of his prime and the urban fashion statements of the 90s and early 2000’s. The cornrows, truck jewelry, the tatts, A.I. scared the hell out of the NBA’s conservative establishment who likened his attire to that of a street drug pusher. But they were scared about the influence he had on a generation of kids.

In the words of rapper Mase, Iverson’s“the reason they made the dress code.” They figured he “wouldn’t wild when he’s in his fresh clothes. ”

Iverson’s response to NBA Commissioner David Stern’s dress code was classic: “Just because you put a guy in a tuxedo doesn’t make him a good guy.”

Now that mighty mouse is far removed from the league he has a lot to say about the way the current NBA players express themselves through fashion all while wearing his Timbs.

Let me find out A.I. is actually getting  old. His performance in the Big3’s inaugural season gave us a hint that while his face still looked young, his body was beaten up. Now we hear it from the horse’s mouth. The guy that made a name for himself being a rebel, dressing in a then said controversial fashion is licking shots at the young guns with the same prejudice that the old heads used to criticize him for.

I get where A.I is coming from. It’s hard to grow up and accept change. The way some of these players choose to express themselves is head scratching to dudes of past eras. The NBA has progressed and expanded since Iverson’s days. The players are walking billboards and they work with the world’s greatest designers to stay a cut ahead of the fashion trends and even create them at times.

During Iverson’s Era, the players entering the stadium prior to the game used to be covered like an urban red carpet event. Now, it’s more like a runway. When Iverson ruled the landscape the entire feel of the era was dirty. Young Black rebels making millions, living outside the rules and changing the world. These days, it’s all about being clean. Metrosexuality leads to a bigger brand and pushing the envelope isn’t dressing like a rapper anymore. It’s coming with the highest end fashion and producing the most original outfit.

You’d think A.I, would get that, but he just can’t relate. How quickly we forget.

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