Kwame Brown, Pat Beverly Call Out Gilbert Arenas For Sports Gossip | ‘Y’all Suppose To Be OGs. SMH’

It’s no secret that Washington Wizards former No. 1 overall pick Kwame Brown and his teammate Gilbert Arenas aren’t too fond of one another.

Brown, who’s been on a revenge tour the last couple of years against those who clowned him during and after his NBA struggles, has targeted Arenas often.

Brown hasn’t been shy about calling him “stupid” and “media controlled,” which is why he says Arenas acts the way and says the things he does. 

His latest gripe with Arenas stems from comments made by Arenas and another former Wizards teammate Nick Young concerning reality television star and social media influencer Draya Michele, who’s 39 and pregnant by 22-year-old Houston Rockets star Jalen Green.  

Arenas and Young are known to be very jocular, and this past week they showed that lasting immaturity during a social media session. 

Young And Arenas Put Draya On Blast, Brown Disapproves 

Young, aka Swaggy P, tells a story of how he was once a passenger in a car with Arenas coming from a strip club. He then proceeded to detail what he allegedly saw going on in the car between Arenas and Michele in the backseat. 

“If they only knew I was shocked too. That day when I was riding home with Philly. I don’t know if I can tell that story if you want me to tell that story,” said Young. “She’s a mother now. I can’t do that. That day changed my life. That day was when Swaggy P was like OK, this is what the NBA is about. … I’m riding in the car and he’s in the back seat. What were you doing in the back seat, Gil?”

That drew the ire of Brown who called out Arenas and reminded him that he has a mother and sisters and talking about another woman in that manner is unacceptable. Brown used some much more vulgar terms, but you get the gist of what we mean. 

For as much as Arenas talks and gets things riled up, he seems to tone it down when Brown comes for him. Maybe it’s because he knows Brown truly doesn’t care after all the jokes he’s endured as a result of his failed NBA career. 

Other NBA Players Call Out Arenas And Young 

Brown isn’t the only one coming for the two well-known jokesters. Phoenix Suns superstar Devin Booker took to X to say this.

“Y’all suppose to be the OGs. SMH”

Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley spoke on the matter on X. 

“Sidenote Yal foul. Not cool. Not at all. @GilArenasShow Yal old asl talking about another man lady. Not cool gang. @PatBevPod.”

Good to see current and former players calling out Arenas and Young for too much pillow talk. It’s just sad that they felt the need to do that, especially knowing she’s a mom, and dating a fellow NBA player. 

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