‘You Are A White Boy In Black Face’| Kwame Brown And Gilbert Arenas’ Failed Mediation Steers Beef Into Toxic Meltdown

With the new access basketball fans are receiving from podcasts and impromptu social media rants, the world has seen some polarizing moments.

None more so than former Washington Wizards player Kwame Brown’s response to an “All The Smoke” podcast episode with guest Gilbert Arenas.


Gil Has No Chill

“No Chill” Gil made Kwame uncomfortable after calling him a “show pony” and low-key co-signed the thought that Brown’s career was a bust after being drafted number one into the NBA by Michael Jordan himself.

That was back in May 2021. Since then, Brown has gone on a viral video rampage, becoming the newest ex-basketball player to start a podcast. He exposed his feelings not only on his former teammate and “All The Smoke” hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, but many involved in the sports business.

With Brown using the whole 2021 to disrespect Matt Barnes with continuous jabs like “Becky With The Good Hair” and insinuating that Stephen Jackson is a fake Muslim, his focus on Gilbert Arenas has been consistent and passionate.


Enter The Arena(s)

Then Arenas drafted a scathing reproach about Brown’s basketball career on Instagram. He called him a bum and a bust who could never succeed in professional basketball.

However, Brown had already accused Arenas of shorting his basketball money by getting him benched in Washington and taking a fellow player’s girl.

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Arenas’ main point is that Brown is jealous of his success on the Wizards; he feels that Brown is mad that he became the star player Kwame was believed to be for D.C.

“I became what you were supposed to be, in Washington,” Arenas said in an Instagram rant. “I’m not jealous of you. I think we can get that clear now. I’m not jealous of you.”


Mediation Anyone?

The two recently got together virtually for a mediation attempt that went completely wrong. Instead of common ground being discovered and potential apologies being served, the two torched any potential for a resolution.

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In an 82-minute video, Arenas and Brown went off on each other, eventually executing a screaming match of epic proportions. With each competing to make their expletive-filled points, the tension was so palpable you could cut it with a knife.

The anger and frustration between the two boiled over to the point that the conversation was impossible to fully hear coherently, and it didn’t stop with every rant they each spewed.

Kwame’s Way

Brown questioned Arenas’ penchant for playing too much while maintaining his accusation that Arenas steals teammates’ girlfriends. He also confronted him directly with the charge of suppressing his career.

Arenas clapped back, although Brown ran roughshod over him continually, and, in the end, he tried to shut Brown down until the moderator intervened trying to force a resolution.


It was not meant to be, and Brown exited the conversation disgruntled and settled in his opinions about Arenas. Although Brown’s newfound life as a social media influencer was inadvertently birthed from Gilbert Arenas, the two found no quorum. It will be beef that will go down in infamy and live forever.

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