“I’m Going To Be The Person They Don’t Want” | Gilbert Arenas Doesn’t Pay For First Dates, Wears Sandals and Wont Pander To A Woman Because “He’s The Meal Ticket”

Gilbert Arenas has captivated the NBA podcast landscape with his array of outlandish, shocking and revealing takes. 

The former NBA sharp-shooter-turned media personality recently was a guest on Vlad TV with DJ Vlad, a popular podcaster in his own right with a who’s who of guests from throughout the “culture.” 

Gilbert Arenas Doesn’t Pay For First Date Dinners With Women

It was finally Gil’s turn to bloviate for hours with Vlad and, as expected, Arenas raised some eyebrows when he accused every player in the 1990s of taking steroids. Sports fans got a kick out of it.

But his take on how he approaches a first date was surely one that caught the attention of ladies and gentlemen. 

Arenas’ opinions on relationships have been called a bit throwback “jockish” in the past. And he’s been criticized for revealing past stories about career groupies who are now trying to clean their lives up and be good baby mamas for some young, rich baller who has no clue of their past transgressions or relationships. 

Even though Arenas is big-ballin’, having made almost $164 million during his NBA career and currently sitting with a reputed net worth of between $20 million to $25 million, Arenas says he doesn’t pay for dinner the first night out with a lady. 

According to Gil, his life as an NBA player has taught him that he doesn’t have to go out of his way to impress women because he is actually the prize. In addition to not paying, he isn’t going to be pulling out your chair for you or dressing up either.

“I’m going to be the person they don’t want,” Arenas said. “To see who they are. Obviously, you’re looking at me like the meal ticket, right. So, If I’m the meal ticket, I don’t need to impress you. I broke through those pressures. … I’m rich for real. We got to a restaurant …I’m wearing sandals. The only person who’s going to tell me I can’t wear sandals is usually the establishment. And for the most part they know me, so they are going to let me in anyway.”

Gilbert Arenas Makes It Purposely Difficult For Women On First Dates

Arenas took it a step further explaining that he makes it very difficult for a woman to make it to a second date on purpose. He wants to establish the lowest of expectations from jump street. 

“I’m gonna play by my rules,” Arenas said. 

“I’m not going to sit here and do this pandering. Pandering gets you f-kd up later because you pretend to be something that you really not inside and then they are judging you off this perfect pretend guy. Now when you come back to being normal …”

He had a very interesting take on dating, especially coming from a 42-year-old man, indicating that he’s still very much in the dating game and using his wealth and celebrity to manipulate his relationships and the women who cross his paths. 

It’s not that devious, I suppose, because he’s admitting that he does it, but it comes off as a bit cringy and disingenuous. Obnoxious even. 

Gilbert Arenas Says Sets The Bar Low When Dating

Arenas continued: “Let’s say you’re pretending to be a 10. You’re a guy that’s seven. You go out only twice a week. You have a nice little budget, you’re a cool guy. So you really a seven, but you’re pretending to be a 10. 

“When you can’t keep that up and go down to being a seven, you’re a disgrace. If you start off at seven, you’re f-cking amazing.” 

Maybe Arenas and Uncle Shay Shay should team up and just do a relationship and gossip show, where they can share their philosophies, opinions and strategies on dating as middle-aged ex pros still trying to play the field with the young boys.

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