“Why Don’t You Answer No … Questions About Aaron Rodgers?” | Kwame Brown Refuses To Be Black Bashing Board For Gilbert Arena’s Thirst For White Validation

The venomous relationship between former NBA players Kwame Brown and Gilbert Arenas is the best example of a toxic sports relationship. The two engaged in an online video call that has gone viral where Brown ripped into Arenas for still discussing him on the interview circuit.

What really got under Brown’s skin was when Gil talked about Brown on shows produced or hosted by Caucasian people, which, by definition, within Black culture, is typically considered a violation of an unspoken cultural trust.

“Man you’re a weirdo ‘No Chill Gil,’ you the baddest motherf***er in the land,” Brown is seen saying in the viral video. “You scored 60 points on Kobe; why (do) you keep talking about a bust? So then, when they ask you a question about Kwame Brown, all I asked you to do was, f**k how nice you think you’re saying it n***a, I don’t agree with you.


“Giving a white boy my (inaudible) that I worked for a n***a ain’t that nice to me motherf****r. I asked you not to talk about me; I don’t answer Gilbert questions, so why can’t you go to that? Tell them white boys this: ‘The next time y’all ask me a question about Kwame, I will not answer,’ and I guarantee they’ll fire your b***h a**.”

The beef between the two began when Arenas discussed Brown on an episode of “All The Smoke” with former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes in 2021. He called Brown a “bust,” and it was immediately received with online retaliation by Brown, who subsequently created “Bust Life,” an online YouTube channel. Brown has now become a popular streamer who espouses his views on masculinity, family values, and his dislike of Arenas.

The two played together for one season on the Washington Wizards.

“This the only lane you got is answering questions about other men. They asked you about Kwame, they asked you about Kyrie, and they asked you about other Black men. Why don’t you answer no motherf****ng questions about Aaron Rodgers, you dumb a n***a? What gives a gun-toting dumb son-of-a-bh that puts guns in the locker room the credibility to talk about anybody? And why don’t you answer questions about white boys, n***a? You can’t get it through your numbskull …”

Brown has taken umbrage with Arenas’s partnerships with companies like Underdog Fantasy, and even YouTube, who he feels are the boss of Arenas, while Brown works independently within the new media spectrum.

“Guess what they’ll tell you on YouTube? This is a partnership. Guess what I can do every motherfg day? I can leave my phone on Do Not Disturb and not get on YouTube and guess what? Not n’er son-of-a-bh from YouTube will call me and say I was late to work or I didn’t show up you dumb f***r.”

In a rare moment when he could not get a word in edge-wise, Arenas scolded Brown for drinking a beer while they argued. The passive-aggressive, self-righteous stance triggered Brown further, and he began to dress Arenas down again, accusing him of gaslighting but saying it as learned behavior of another culture.

“Now that’s another white boy tactic because you’re looking real soft on your birthday worrying about another grown man with a drink in his hand,” Brown said.

Brown vs. Arenas is the most vocal beef in the veteran NBA ranks, even eclipsing Scottie Pippen’s anger toward Michael Jordan. Now, the only question is, will they forget the talk and lace up the gloves?

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