Kevin Garnett Feels Team USA Set Up For FIBA Cup Disaster By Leaving Zion Williamson and Ja Morant Off

Team USA has been off to a great start in the FIBA Cup, but Kevin Garnett isn’t entirely impressed, and he also believes that this national team isn’t at its full strength because they’re missing a few key players.

Recently, Hall of Famer and Team USA alumnus Garnett took to his podcast “KG Certified” with his former teammate Paul Pierce to critique this year’s Team USA squad that Steve Kerr assembled.

While team USA has been successful, going 3-0 in Group C play, they are light years away from legendary squads like the “Dream Team” or the “Redeem Team.” 

Garnett understands the lack of star power on this team, and he feels there are certain names missing, especially given the type of team Kerr has been trying to assemble.

Kevin Garnett Not Impressed With Team USA

With the talent growing in many other countries, Garnett is skeptical about how Team USA can win it all as they’re normally expected to do. 

Basketball Network quoted Garnett as saying “We’re going to find out, USA, how good the world is. The French, Giannis’ team, Jokic’s team – Serbia, Luka playing … the world has gotten better. Spain is always been Spain. F**king Argentina has always been Argentina,” Garnett continued. “I don’t think this is our best team. You leave Ja, Zion off our team? You got to have those guys on there.”

Team USA boasts a formidable roster of stars like Anthony Edwards, Jalen Brunson, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Brandon Ingram.

Along with them, there are all-star caliber players like Mikal Bridges, Tyrese Haliburton and Paolo Banchero.

But to bottom out the roster, they supplemented the team with some high-level role players like Utah Jazz defensive stalwart Walker Kessler, Josh Hart, Austin Reaves, Cam Johnson, and Bobby Portis. What this team lacks in star power they make up for in a variety of ways.

Where’s Zion & Ja?

But according to The Big Ticket, there’s not much they can do to make up for the amount of talent and star power they’re leaving off the court by not including Zion and Ja Morant. 

Understandably though, Ja Morant might’ve not been a legitimate choice for the American national team because of the off-court issues and legal problems, and the 25-game suspension Ja Morant has to serve before he can play again. 

With that being said, Team USA has been able to pull off some very convincing wins on the back of Ant Man, against New Zealand, Greece, and Jordan, blowing all of them out in dominant fashion.

Only time will tell if Team USA’s squad is assembled for success. This is the world championship track star Noah Lyles was clamoring for. KG isn’t sure they are ready.

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