Kevin Garnett Wants Anthony Davis To Go In The Lab And “Get Your Sh*t Right”

NBA legend Kevin Garnett isn’t feeling the current Los Angeles Lakers power forward Anthony Davis‘ approach to the game of basketball. In the wake of Davis admitting that he hasn’t touched a basketball in the offseason, Garnett felt the need to school Davis from his perch inside the “KG Certified” podcast.

“That s**t killed me, bro,” KG said with his usual passion. “He said he ain’t touch the rock?! Not even touch the rock! Go back to watch yourself, real s**t and be real with yourself, watch it by yourself. Go in the lab and get your s**t right. There’s no way he’s probably not top 10, top 5 in this game. Come on, man!”

Davis last played an NBA game on April 5 against the Phoenix Suns. However, last month he revealed that that was the last time he touched a ball, destroying Lakers nation hopes that he has been in beast mode in the offseason to correct their abysmal performance last season.

For Garnett, this is unacceptable, and he delivered some heavy words of advice for the player straight out of the KG book of competitive passion.

“Bro, get lost, go to Hawaii, somewhere, straight up and down,” Garnett continued. “When you come into camp, come into camp in better shape than anybody and everybody. That’s what you should be focused on.

“You should go for the MVP for the 2022-23 season… I’m your OG and that’s what I think, feel me? … But that’s my OG advice to AD. … It’s his turn to carry the torch. Bron carried that small f**k for a whole decade and then some. AD came to the Lakers to be MVP and to take the torch from Bron.”

Garnett sees a lot of promise in Davis and believes that if he puts in the requisite work, he will manifest a destiny akin to that of the NBA’s current “king,” LeBron James.

“He can be so much better than what he is. I don’t know what’s around him but I would love to be able to work with somebody like that. I can’t wait to see, I’m actually looking forward to that influence on him because he can be MVP of the league, man! He should be MVP of the league one time.”

Could Garnett and the rest of the world have taken his time off from basketball wrong? Three-point shooting specialist Chris Matthews believes so and tweeted as much to try and correct the narrative.

“There is NO SUBSTITUTE for hard work!! AD been locked in! Blessing to help others with The Art of Shooting.”

Recognized as basketball’s most sought-after shooting coach, Chris Matthews, aka Lethal Shooter, is one of the sport’s leading creative minds. When he speaks, professional basketball listens. However, the stench of the Lakers last season, not even qualifying for the playoffs, is high, and a statement from AD about AD that doesn’t sound like he’s living in the gym will disappoint many.

With Garnett offering his big brother advice, AD should heed it, as he is an expert in passion and a winner at all costs. Next time AD should either not keep it so real or prove updates that codify the context.

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