Kanye West Will Use Prison Labor To Make Yeezys In America

Kanye West made an appearance with New Zealand Radio DJ and record producer Zane Lowe in Wyoming last week, in anticipation of the release of his highly-anticipated Jesus Is King album — which after many delays, tweaks, soundbites, and controversies, finally dropped,  along with an accompanying IMAX movie.

Currently premiering on Beats 1 Radio, the interview has thus far seen West share his views on everything from banning premarital sex amongst those who worked on the new album to his journey from porn and high fashion addict to one of Christianity.

His dramatic transformation has touched some and made others leerier of a guy who admittedly feels he’s the smartest guy in any room.

He also touched on Yeezy footwear and apparel manufacturing and why moving production to America is a priority.

“For me, as a founder, it’s really important to bring these jobs back to America,” West said. Within the next two years, he plans to make Yeezys and “injection molded shoes” in U.S. factories as well as hire workers through prison reform systems.

West says that he is ready to move the creation of Yeezy to America by building factories in the US all while using the prison reform system to hire workers.

This is the second time that West has talked about bringing a factory to the US. If you recall, the rapper sat down with President Trump to talk about bringing an Adidas factory to Chicago which was a meeting that set social media on fire.

With Yeezy being the number one searched brand on the planet, Kanye continues to find ways to expand his brand and appear to be doing it for the people.

With this move, West says that he will be able to be more hands-on with his designs being able to have “rapid prototyping” and the ability to push the product out faster.

Sounds like a real Republican to me. Getting paid off the cheap labor of Black prisoners. I wouldn’t be surprised if, along with his new evangelical hustle, Kanye also acquired stock in several prisons across the country. He’s already donated millions to prison reform charities, which appears to be a cover for his true intentions, which is to gain access to a larger fanbase and that corporate prison money.

​​​​​​​What do you think?

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