Jesus Could’ve Produced Kanye’s New Album, But I Still Wouldn’t Buy It

We’ve known about the release date for Kanye West‘s new album since April, so it’s no wonder that here came out of a self-imposed Twitter hiatus and started spewing love for President Donald J. Trump.

Now we’re just waiting for the media shockwave from the Wyoming-based album listening party. Already people are saying how much they loved the album and how much of a genius Kanye West is. But West’s genius is not so refined that he can fool me into falling for such a marketing campaign.

Twitter Moments on Twitter

Kanye West dropped his seven-track #YE album and some people think it has an “old school Kanye vibe.”

As soon as he was spotted rocking a MAGA hat in a Twitter photo, most knew that it was a prime indicator that he was ready to drop something.  It’s almost surreal that we’ve come to a place in America where anyone with enough clout, and a product to sell, can even manipulate race relations to get his product in front of as many people as possible.

Kanye West: The Narcissistic Musings Of An Honorary White Man

By now the internet is ablaze with digital disdain and think piece theorems describing the distinctly American phenomenon that is Kanye West. The son of Chicago has created some of the most meticulously laid tracks I have ever heard, and his love for his mother is one akin to that which I have for my own.

The President of the United States, a man who waited weeks to contact Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr, decided to almost immediately praise Kanye via Twitter for his support after West’s MAGA hat blow up.  The president, who has an extremely low rating among African Americans, ceases upon every black person he believes thinks counter to the rest.  

And while freedom of thought is still legal in the United States, it is indeed curious to see how many other folks have jumped on the “Kanye West is a free man” train of thought while he kisses the cornhole of the most racist president in recent history. Freedom of thought is indeed the freedom to make any decision you wish. However, as is the case with freedom of speech, there is no protection from the freedom of consequences of one’s thoughts, either.  

Dear Kanye: We Used to Love You

I must admit that you had me going for a while. Your musical genius was once without precedence, and no one this side of Wu-Tang’s the RZA could match your ability to turn even the most obscure audio clip into the bedrock of a hit record.

Part of the consequence of being a media manipulator, as West clearly is, is some will be turned off by Kanye West no matter how dope his new album is. I am one of those people. But the naysayers have to also be resolute in the fact that their disavowing the Church of Ye is ultimately their own decision. Thus, breaking a sweat over everyone who chooses to still support West really only proves that he was right about people not being allowed to live their best life.  

So, go ahead young Ye denier, go ahead and venture off on your own.  But you can’t get mad at anyone who doesn’t follow you. Being free sometimes means being lonely, too. I’m sure I’ll hear the album in its entirety this summer. I’ll likely nod to the beat, may even cut a rug. I’m not so angry by Ye that I can’t appreciate a song or two. But purchasing the album or, dare I say, a ticket to a Ye concert? Sheeeeeeeeit.

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