Josh Gordon Can’t Shake His Demons, Leaves Patriots

Gordon may have relapsed into old habits and is facing a league discipline for violating the substance abuse policy again.  

The deterioration of the New England Patriots dynasty continues as star receiver Josh Gordon announced on Twitter that he is stepping away from the game to focus on his mental health.


Apparently, the story goes deeper than mental health issues. Gordon may have relapsed into old habits and according to Adam Schefter,  is facing league discipline for violating the substance abuse policy again.  


This is disastrous for the Pats and another tragic twist in the tumultuous and sad story of one of the game’s supreme talents dealing with drug addiction.

On the football side, the Patriots lose a valuable member of the offense at a time when the team has been less than spectacular. Gordon leads the Pats with 720 receiving yards since Week 4 and he’s a deep threat that Tom Brady desperately needs. 

There was so much promise, but Bill Belichick and crew knew the risk they were taking when they brought him in. Gordon’s talent was never an issue. He was an All-Pro receiver with a fourth-string grip on life. This day isn’t surprising to anyone. Just extremely disappointing.

Via the Shadow League story, “Can Josh Gordon Give The Patriots That Randy Moss Threat They Need?”

“Josh Gordon smoked his way out of Cleveland and into paradise. Getting released by the Browns and picked up by the Dynasty Patriots is the best thing to happen to the talented but undisciplined receiver who has played just 11 games since he led the NFL in receiving with 1,646 yards in 2013. 

A bud habit that he just cant kick has done most of the damage. Being unreliable and unprofessional at times finished him off. This season was supposed to be his “allow me to reintroduce myself” NFL moment, the point where he learns from his past mistakes and becomes one of the games elite wide outs again. 

After years of coming up short and being labeled ‘wasted talent,’ Gordon hit the jackpot (no pun intended). If he can keep his nose clean and buy into the Patriots way of doing things, his career could do a 360 and blast off into orbit. If he blows this opportunity with immaturity and another weed relapse. then the door might permanently close on what could have been a legendary career.”

We got our answer to that scenario today.


On the human side, Gordon once revealed that he’s been popping pills like xanax and blowing choke ever since he was in middle school. It’’s been a lifelong battle with addiction, that has cost himself millions of dollars and massive opportunity. Cleveland finally had enough of Gordon’s troubles early in the 2018 season and cut ties. 

Then Tom Brady vouched for him and he came to the Patriots — the best situation he’s ever been in. Now, he’s let the Patriots organization and his teammates down, but Gordon admitting that he needs time to get himself healthy is brave.

It’s an important step in another rehabilitation process. Let’s hope that he can finally exercise his demons once and for all

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