Joe Burrow Has Aaron Rodgers Swag & Tom Brady Intangibles| Bengals Sweep Ravens and Steelers For First Time Since 2009

In October, TSL proclaimed that Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow was the only quarterback who had a shot to have a career similar to Tom Brady’s.

Joe Cool, AKA Joe Burrow, Is The Only Quarterback Who Can Become The Next Tom Brady | That’s It …

The NFL has a bunch of young, talented gunslingers with Patrick Mahomes being the QB currently positioned to assume the mantle from Brady and Aaron Rodgers shortly — if he hasn’t already. Burrow, however, is something special and he proved it on Sunday in a battle for first place in the AFC North.

Burrow Silences The Doubting Joes

Burrow led the Bengals to a convincing 41-21 blowout win over the COVID-19-ravaged Ravens. The former “Bayou Bengal” and 2019 Heisman Trophy winner shred the Baltimore secondary to the tune of 525 yards and four touchdowns, while completing 37 of 46 passes. It’s the fourth-most passing yards in a single game in NFL history and the most in Bengals team history as well.

It’s a long shot that any quarterback will ever duplicate Brady’s 10 Super Bowl appearances and seven rings. There are too many external factors that go into winning rings in a team sport. Let’s just say Brady has done his part to perfection. And while people told us we were crazy for putting Burrows’s name in such exclusive company, former Jets head coach Rex Ryan was singing the same tune on ESPN, saying Burrow “reminds me of Tom Brady.”

When the Cincinnati Bengals drafted “Bayou Joe” No.1 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, they knew they were getting a gamer, with some quality intangibles, and things you just can’t teach the average quarterback. But he’s been even better than expected, and his performance Sunday versus the Baltimore Ravens just solidified that sentiment even more.

The win puts the Bengals in first place in the AFC North and in control of their playoff destiny with games against the red-hot Chiefs and reeling archrival Browns remaining. When asked about his impressive performance in the postgame presser, Burrow’s response was one a coach would love to here.

“You know I really don’t think about the yards too much. Whatever it takes to win the game,” Burrow insisted. “Today, it took throwing for 525 yards.”

Burrow Breaks Records With Another 400-Yard Passing Game 

“Joe Cool” made history against a defense known for thwarting high-powered offenses with bad intentions, but in two matchups this season against Baltimore, Burrow has passed it around like a nerf ball for 941 yards.

Burrow became the first player ever with two 400-yard performances against the same opponent in a season. The Bengals scored 41 points in each meeting.

Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale may have given Burrow some bulletin board material leading up to Sunday’s matchup when he tried to talk slick about the Bengals QB.

“I don’t think we’re ready to buy a gold jacket for Joe (Burrow) yet,” Martindale cautioned.
“Following his dissection of Martindale’s defense,” Burrow said, “I didn’t think it was a necessary comment. I wouldn’t say I was offended by it. I’m in Year 2, who knows what’s going to happen down the road. I didn’t think it was a necessary comment.”

When asked was it on his mind at the end of the game, Burrow responded, “maybe.”

Bengals Sweep Ravens And Steelers For First Time Since 2009

Since John Harbaugh (Baltimore) and Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh) arrived (and even before then) the AFC North winner has usually come down to those two teams.

During the Marvin Lewis/Carson Palmer/Andy Dalton years, the Bengals fielded some quality teams and even won the division on three different occasions (2009, 2013 and 2015). But traditionally they haven’t measured up to the standard of Pitt and Balt. The last time the Bengals swept both in the same season was 2009, one season after the Ravens and Steelers faced off in the AFC Championship.

Sweeping both of these franchises has to do wonders for the Bengals psychologically. With a young coach in Zac Taylor and a very talented young roster led by Burrow, this team is trending upward and it may be the team to beat in the division for years to come.

Burrow is the key to the puzzle in Cincy’s drive toward a first championship in franchise history. Joe Cool is starting to separate himself from the pack.

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