‘I’ll Eat Your A**’| Jake Paul Ready To Rumble With Tyron Woodley & Gets $500k “Most Valuable Boxer” Belt For Christmas

Jake Paul is ready to be an MVB.

“The Problem Child” held court for his scrap against Tyron Woodley set for Dec. 18, in Tampa. Face draped in a balaclava, Paul talked trash and in his unique way while crowning himself the “Most Valuable Boxer.”

“There’s two ways that this fight goes,” said Paul. “One, he could come out guns blazing and just trying to knock me out. Or he plays it slow and tries to survive all eight rounds. Either way, he’s going to lose.”

Paul received an early Christmas gift in a $500,000 “championship” belt. The piece, designed by artist Alec Monopoly, features an iced-out Rolex and Cartier watch in the band.

It also comes with a Birkin bag attached to it. Typically, Birkin bags start at a price point of $40,000.

Paul displayed the belt during his press conference with Tyron Woodley on Thursday, Dec. 16, while downplaying Woodley’s ability to win.

“I don’t expect this to be a more difficult fight,” said Paul. “That’s because my skills have improved so much since the last fight. I’ve sparred 200 rounds since then, and I’m able to improve so much because I’m still early in my career.

He added, “I learned in the first fight that I just have to stay focused and stick to the game plan. It’s boxing and you’re going to get tagged. Now that I’ve been through it, I have a lot more confidence going into this fight. Tyron was the first person who ever landed a punch against me and it was a great learning experience.”

Woodley has been adamant about a rematch and now that he has it, he’s proved defiant to Paul’s perception of the first match.

“Jake didn’t do anything that surprised me in the first fight,” said Woodley. “He was trying to play everyone else like he wasn’t a serious fighter. Other guys didn’t take him seriously, and they got knocked out. I trained like I was fighting Mike Tyson. Rounds one through three, he didn’t hurt me, but he looked a lot busier than me. I’m the only one that landed damaging shots. I was pressing him and backing him up and it’s going to be the same thing this time.”

Woodley was criticized heavily for being the less active fighter in the first bout, something he said will change this weekend.

“There wasn’t a ton of volume for me from a boxing standpoint, but it was more than I had been doing in MMA,” said the former UFC welterweight champion. “We’ve been trying to keep it in my mind to throw more. Not just any kind of volume, but the specific kind of shots I should have thrown.

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“I think I surprised him in the first fight. They told him that I was going to gas out, but I was the one who controlled the second half of the fight. They all lied to him about what I can still do.

“When I knock him out and beat him again, they’re going to forget about him. He gives people something to talk about and he’s doing it on purpose.”

Paul has come far in his boxing career, however, the question of substance over hype still lingers over his name. Another win over Woodley, although not as impactful as it would have been over Fury, a real boxer, is still a pathway toward his goal of legitimacy.

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“I’m always planting seeds for the future because I’m so confident in my ability. There’s only one outcome for Saturday, and that’s me winning. I’m going to keep calling out big names.”

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