Tyson Fury Comes For Jake Paul After Tommy Fury Snub | It’s The Pauls Versus Furys Now

Tyson Fury is not feeling Jake Paul. After his brother Tommy Fury withdrew from the planned Dec. 18 fight with Paul the older Fury let it be known how Paul has drawn his ire.

“Jake Paul can go suck a d**k for all I care, next. P***y,” Fury said to the “Beyond the Gloves” podcast last week.

Tyson’s Fury

Jake Paul announced on Twitter that Tommy Fury pulled out of their fight. Reportedly, Fury was forced to withdraw due to a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib.

The WBC heavyweight champion went off when asked about younger brother Tommy Fury withdrawing from his fight with Paul that was set for Dec. 18 in Tampa.

“Him and his brother [Logan Paul] are two sh*thouse p*****s and they could never live in my world because they’re f*****g bitches at the end of the day and that’s it,” Fury said before flipping his middle fingers to the camera. “And, if you don’t like the language, get f****d.”

The Paul Brothers’ Clapback

Recently, Jake Paul called the Fury brothers “f*****g bitches” in an interview with TMZ. Additionally, his brother Logan Paul took shots at the younger Fury.

“It’s a good thing he’s handsome, cause he’s a p***y.”

Jake Paul released statements regarding his feelings on the Fury family after the fight was canceled.

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“I question everything about the Fury family. This kid is 22, right? You throw a 22-year-old in who has never accomplished anything himself. The only reason he’s anything is because of his brother. He’s had a silver spoon in his mouth his whole entire life.

“He’s gotten fame because of his brother. He’s never actually had a real opponent. He’s only ever been put in with people who were meant to lose. When you throw in that, you throw in the fact that you’re fighting me — I’m a scary guy to fight — the smack talk, the pressure, all of this, I think he cracked and tried to find a way out. I truly believe that in the deepest bones of my body.”

Tyron Woodley Gets His Wish

Tyron Woodley is replacing Fury on the fight card, getting the rematch he clamored for after losing a split decision to Paul in August. There is now a special incentive of a $500K knockout bonus if Woodley knocks out Paul.

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However, Tommy Fury is planning to ask for a new date to schedule the Paul fight in the new year.

“Sh*t happens. When you are sick because you lost a fight, big deal man up,” Tyson said. “There are plenty of fights out there, and if the fight was supposed to happen, it’ll happen again.”

No Re-booking

However, Paul is very skeptical about the fight being rebooked.

“Him pulling out of the fight does give me hesitation to fight him in the future. It really does. He didn’t show up to the press conference. Then he pulled out of the fight. He’s done a terrible job at promoting the fight that we had. He posted on social media once every other week. He’s not as hyped as everyone thought.

“I’m pissed off now. I don’t like them. I don’t like anything to do with that family. I don’t really see a reason to come back next year and give him that big of an opportunity and that big of a payday. It would almost be more fun and more satisfying for me to just leave him in the dust and make him fight until he’s 25-0 if he gets that far, to get the same payday that he was getting in his eighth fight.”

As Tyson Fury dominates the boxing game, his rivalry with Paul can also make the hype value of the game interesting.

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