“I’ll beat The S*#t Out Of Jake Paul; He’s Going To Have To Take Me To Court” | Claressa Shields Offers $100K Of GWOAT Money To Spar Jake Paul

Claressa Shields and Jake Paul have been beefing hard, and the dispute is coming to boil.

Shields is getting ready for her U.K. debut against Ema Kozin on Dec. 11 in Cardiff, but had some choice words for Paul during a Zoom interview with TSL this week.

“Let’s just be clear, Jake Paul is a made-up YouTube character who has come to boxing for show. He’s come to boxing to play around. Showtime has given him a large platform, and he feels like he is boxing,” her prelude about Paul began.

Most recently, Paul came for Shields after she suffered her first loss in mixed martial arts. It was only her second MMA fight, and the two-time undisputed world champion lost via split decision. Paul immediately took to Twitter and called Shields a loser.

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“Him coming for me after my split decision, close fight MMA loss — I thought it was funny to see it. A few boxers defended me or whatever, but the thing is, I’ve seen Jake Paul in person. He ain’t going to say a damn word to me because I’m worse than Floyd [Mayweather].

“I’ll beat the sh-t out of Jake Paul; he going to have to take me to court; he going to want to sue me. It’s best to leave the GWOAT alone,” Shields warned.

Paul has made waves through his Most Valuable Promotions, signing a deal with Showtime for pay-per-view boxing matches. His first fight under that deal was against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley last August, and it ended in a split decision victory for Paul.

He has championed unified featherweight world champion Amanda Serrano, who appeared on his undercard and trains in his fight camps.

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“I think that also some of his hate comes from him being very close to Amanda Serrano and him seeing her record compared to mine, and he feels that with her record and her knockouts and all that stuff that she should be a bigger brand or a bigger fighter than me,” Shields explained.

“It’s just funny that he’s not even knowing that me and Serrano treat each other like we’re sisters, and I show her so much love and respect. And I share the title GWOAT with her because me and her [have] that close relationship, even though if you ask Amanda Serrano who’s the GWOAT she will say Claressa Shields. I still share that with her, and I always say that it’s me and her; but he doesn’t know the ins and outs of boxing.

“He doesn’t know why I’m such this big star. I don’t think that he’s ever watched me box, and if he did he wouldn’t talk the s*#t he talk because he would know that I’m cut like that.”

Shields just signed a seven-figure deal with U.K.-based broadcaster Sky Sports and Boxxer. It allows the undefeated three-division world champion to fight the best boxers in the U.K. Shields has been angling for a fight against Savannah Marshall, the only person to beat her in the amateurs.

However, in the States, she would love for Jake Paul to taste some of her leather, and she is willing to put up her own money to prove it.

“To Jake Paul, fight a real boxer. I’ve already offered the opportunity to spar; he’s not going to respond to that. Go on and do your own thing, but to try to kick me when he thinks that I’m down and not even realize that I’ve been undisputed champ, two times, that I’ve won the Olympics two times and him to say, ‘Oh, she a loser, she’s not good at this and that,’ that’s how he feels about himself,” saying Paul’s gibes at her were projections.

“Honestly, because he’s the loser, he’s the one who can’t really box. He’s the one that has to have his opponents picked carefully, or else he’ll get knocked the hell out. That’s him. But I’ve managed to do two different combat sports, yet to get knocked out, yet to be severely beaten.

“To me, he lost to Tyron Woodley, and they gave him the decision, and he’s sitting here acting like he won a world title or something. He’s not even on the level to even speak my name. Just because Showtime is putting him on pay-per-view, it doesn’t mean that he’s a great fighter. Showtime has put a lot of fighters on pay-per-view who weren’t great fighters, and he won’t be the first and he won’t be the last.”

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