“If You’re In That Locker Room, You’re Like, Be Human” | NFL Analyst Questions Russell Wilson’s Authenticity

The Broncos offense is struggling and from the sound of things coming from John Elway and Denver brass, the organization is regretting not offering Minnesota Vikings HC Kevin O’Connell (Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

The addition of star quarterback Russell Wilson this past offseason brought lofty expectations for the Denver Broncos. The belief was Wilson’s arrival would solidify the biggest position of need the Broncos have had since Peyton Manning retired following the franchise’s 2015 Super Bowl season.

After sifting through eleven different starters, Wilson was supposed to be a cure-all for a struggling, middling offense. Through six games this season the move looks like unmitigated disaster. And when you think about the $245 million extension with $165 million guaranteed the team signed Wilson to prior to the beginning of the season, a losing record brings panic.

With the team sitting at 2-4 and averaging a paltry 15 points per game, Wilson has been shredded by the media, former teammates and others for his acting as if nothing is wrong in the “Mile High City.”

The most you see on Russell’s social media is him giving glory to God, which is positive, but doesn’t address the problems at hand.

The latest former teammate to question Russ’ leadership or lack thereof is NFL Network analyst Michael Robinson. The former Penn State quarterback and NFL running back took Wilson’s locker room antics to task in a rant on “NFL Total Access.”

“This is football 101. My 13-year-old son understands how to redirect an offensive line. And Russell understands how to do that, too. This is what hits home with me. When you call him a robot. How can you stand up there, you know the offense looks like this, you know all these questions around here about you and the offense, and you just say, ‘We need to execute better, let’s ride.”

Robinson continued …

“If you’re in that locker room, you’re like, be human! Please! Call somebody out! Be upset about something! Don’t just act like this is business as usual! Because at the end of the day, I think it’s on the horizon for this team — I hope it’s not — but I think it’s on the horizon. Mutiny is afoot. The guys in that locker room, are gonna turn around and say, Russell got his money. New head coach, he got his money, he’s all good. But what about us? What about the guys in that locker room?”

Robinson is speaking of Wilson’s nonchalant approach to his team’s struggles. He seems unfazed by it during pressers and interview sessions. It could be his way of blocking out the negativity that he’s hearing from every corner, but as the leader of the offense Wilson has to face the music and lead his team out of this offensive rut.

Robinson Says Mutiny Like What Happened In Seattle

It’s no secret that Wilson wasn’t the most liked individual amongst his teammates in Seattle. We’ve heard Richard Sherman and others talk repeatedly about how Wilson was never held to the same standard as his teammates. Sherman and Wilson were never the closest of friends, so hearing him say that was sort of like he’s hatin’. But former linebacker KJ Wright piggybacked Sherman’s sentiments during an episode of “The Richard Sherman Podcast.”

Last week former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch stated that he was worried about Wilson’s mental health amidst the sluggish start in Denver. But in the same interview Lynch also said while he considered Wilson a friend, he doesn’t have a direct way of contacting him.

Instead, he has to reach out to Wilson’s business manager and set a time to have Wilson call him back. That’s a tad bit Hollywood for someone you’re supposed to be friends with and went to battle with for years.

Wilson And Broncos Have Had Four Prime Time Games: Much To The Chagrin Of Fans

Through the first four weeks Denver has been in prime time four weeks. Twice on “MNF,” once on “SNF,” and once on “TNF,” and they’ve averaged a paltry 13 points per outing, going 1-3 in those games. If Russ has a pulse, it’s time to show it.