“I Wanna Make Sure Wilson Is Right In His Mind” | Former Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch Refuses To Join The Bash Russell Wilson Wave

It’s well-documented that not every former Seattle Seahawks teammate of Russell Wilson was or is a fan of the former franchise quarterback.

In fact, some of those players have been very critical of Wilson amidst his departure from the Pacific Northwest and his struggles in his new home, Denver.

As Wilson and the Broncos work to try and figure out how to turn their season around, Wilson’s former backfield mate, Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, is sending out positive vibes in support of his former quarterback. Russ’ “chicken” is right, but Beast Mode was checking up on his old friend’s “mentals.”

During a recent appearance on “The Richard Sherman Podcast,” Lynch spoke from his heart concerning Wilson.

I wanna make sure Wilson is straight in his mind. I really thought he was gonna retire a Seahawk. I wanna reach out to him. Right now they’re looking at him like a black sheep.”

Lynch continued:

If there’s anyone who knows something about that, it’s me. I’ve done been to the bottom of this league before when [expletive] counted you out, talked bad on you.

“I didn’t wanna see it in Seattle … now that he ain’t in no Seahawk uniform, I’m pulling for him.”

Lynch also said he understands how this NFL thing works and the minute you falter a bit, the media pounces and runs with it.

Richard Sherman Says Wilson Felt The Need To Do It By Himself

Anyone who’s listened has heard Sherman, now another bloviating podcaster, take shots at Wilson.

Following Lynch’s comments, Sherman chimed in saying Wilson couldn’t handle the shadow in Seattle. That shadow he’s referring to is the chatter that it was always the “Legion of Boom” defense or the coaching offered as reasons the Seahawks were winning big. Or Lynch’s tough physical running style.

Last month Sherman and former teammate KJ Wright said Wilson was never held accountable like the rest of the team.

Wilson Talks Lynch’s Remarks During Broncos Media Session

With many of his former teammates taking shots at him, exposing a hidden resentment that was never mentioned during his decade in Seattle, Wilson has rarely addressed any of the negative feedback. But this was different, as Lynch attempted to uplift Wilson. Or let’s just say it: throw him a life preserver. Wilson made sure to respond.

And while he said he didn’t hear what Lynch said, he also mentioned that he knows the character of Lynch and isn’t surprised by what he said.

“I didn’t get to hear what Marshawn said, but someone told me earlier that he said some good things. Marshawn, he’s always been amazing in how he’s gone about things and how he’s been an amazing competitor. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever played with and been in the backfield with, obviously.

“I’ve always looked up to him since I was a young rookie. He would put his arm around me in the back of the bus and we’d talk about ball and everything else. A guy like that, he’s one of the greatest of all time to do it. The fact that he’s always looking out is a positive thing.”

Lynch has always had a positive mindset, (except with the media) and for him to speak about Wilson in this manner isn’t all that surprising. It also lets you know he has his own mind, and he’s not about kicking a former teammate when he’s down. 

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