Fried Chicken-Fueled Frenzy | Karl-Anthony Towns Wants Antman To Lay Off The Popeyes Chicken, Adopt A Championship Diet

(Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images)

Karl-Anthony Towns is laser-focused and wants to win a championship in Minnesota. If we’re being real, he needs his co-star Anthony Edwards in order to do that. But in order to win, Towns suggests that the talented All-Star change his eating habits for the better.

In order to take that next step to championship level, in Towns’ opinion, Edwards needs to stop eating Popeyes. It’s a tall task, especially the way Americans treat a chicken sandwich from that establishment like it’s crack in the ’80s, but it is something that has to be done in Towns’ eyes. 

“Maybe I could do a better job of teaching him how to take care of his body — diet and everything,” Towns said, according to the New York Post. “That’ll be on me. I know y’all think it’s funny up here when he talks about Popeyes and all that s–t. That doesn’t make me happy to hear. We’re high-level athletes.”



This is stemming from a clip in February that shows Ant-Man getting Popeyes after a game, which led the reporter to ask him where he ranked Popeyes’ fries among the various fast-food fries offered. Edwards ranked them “four.” 

When it comes to Edwards and his fast food antics, the media eats it up, no pun intended. 

In several instances, Edwards can be seen talking to the media about fast food, and he even co-starred in a commercial with fellow high-flying superstar Ja Morant centered around Uber Eats, where he showcased where his loyalty lies in fast food.

It’s safe to say that Edwards does frequent fast-food spots, and based on how he plays, he works twice as hard to keep that from affecting his game. But KAT doesn’t think it should be like that, and rightfully so. 

Last season, Edwards had some advice for his OG as it pertained to basketball IQ and working out of double teams. We are sure Towns – who doesn’t lack an ego as he once called himself the best shooting big man in history – got a kick out of the young buck trying to school a three-time All-Star. So Towns, six years Edwards’ elder, is returning the advice with some recommendations on how to improve his body and help get Minnesota one step closer to the ultimate goal.

So far, the 20-year-old is content with killing on the court and being the NBA’s face of fast food.



Players like KAT, Chris Paul, Lebron James, and many more will tell you that focusing on your body and getting the right diet is key to a lengthy and successful career, and KAT and Antman have similar interests and a lot of common goals. For plenty of obvious reasons, KAT needs his co-star to be in his top shape if they’re going to try to pry the championship title belt away from the Warriors, and compete with teams like the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers. 

Edwards is uber talented and worthy of his number-one overall pick status. Minnesota knew he was raw and still had some maturing to do. While his play on the court has accelerated quickly, he’s only 20 years old. There is a life-learning curve that he has to overcome as well.

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The tandem was one of the best in the NBA last season, averaging a combined 45.9 points per game for the NBA’s number-one ranked offense.

While the new edition of defensive stalwart Rudy Gobert should help them win a few more games and allows Towns to be more versatile as a power forward, they aren’t winning anything without Anthony Edwards. KAT knows this, which is why he’s taking some initiative now to get Edwards right for the long season ahead of them, as well as mentoring him on long-term body care.