Anthony Edwards Schools Veteran Karl-Anthony Towns About The Double-Team | New Coach In Minnesota?

Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Minnesota Timberwolves were blown out at home on Wednesday night, Dec. 8, by the Utah Jazz. After the game there were some interesting comments by second-year Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards. He offered a direct critique on big man Karl-Anthony Towns. According to Edwards, if KAT would stop waiting for the double-teams to come the team would be a lot better.

Edwards isn’t wrong. Too much holding of the basketball makes the job easier on the defense. The double can come later in the shot clock, which limits Towns’ options. Being quick and decisive forces the defense to react, and then you can create mismatches on the other side of the floor.

Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch said the team was soft going to the rim against the Jazz.

That this message came from Edwards, who is only 20 years old was interesting. ESPN’s Bomani Jones sees it as Edwards claiming the “alpha” role.

The team dynamic in the NBA is an interesting chemistry experiment. The best player on the team isn’t always the leader. To be fair, there are different ways to lead and inspire teammates. But whether it’s by example, verbal communication, or playing spirit; there has to be a leader.

Edwards seems adept as a communicator and potential leader at such a young age. Yes, he says the team would be better if Towns didn’t wait for the double. But he prefaced it with listing all the things KAT does well and said “nobody can guard you.”

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The 26-year-old KAT in his seventh season is the vet, so Edwards can’t call him out. He has to show the proper deference, and he does so by complimenting KAT.

As an organization the Timberwolves are not well run.

Team president Gersson Rosas was fired on the eve of training camp this season. Since the 2004-05 season the team has made the playoffs once. Their record during that span, below .500. They’ve had 11 coaches since 2004-2005.

There is no track record that suggests Edwards and KAT will be leading this team to glory. In the meantime, they need to start building the right habits so they are prepared to win.

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At 11-14 the Timberwolves are seeded ninth and likely to hover around that area all season, barring anything unusual.

Can Finch develop a roster with KAT, Edwards, and D’Angelo Russell as the franchise cornerstones? Is Edwards ready to step into a more obvious leadership role? Will the new ownership group consider moving the franchise?

That’s a lot to consider.

One thing that seems certain is the Timberwolves have found a star in Anthony Edwards. He has a grasp on the politics in an NBA locker room and how to navigate. He’s liked by his teammates, and he’s good for at least one quality soundbite per week.

Congratulations to the Timberwolves! Don’t mess up.


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