“LeBron James Has Various Parties, Constantly Where NDAs Need To Be Signed And Women Are At” | Former “Call Her Daddy” Host Says LeBron Is A Cheater

Former “Call Her Daddy” podcast host Sofia Franklyn has made some stinging accusations against Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. On an episode of her new podcast, “Sofia With An F,” Franklyn talked about how Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and James cheat on their significant others.

“Don’t be dumb,” said Franklyn. “You are famous, Adam, you know how f-ng famous you are. You can be a little sly about it. Leonardo DiCaprio, I know for a fact, I mean, I’ve never been invited but my friends have. He goes out, and his bodyguards or whatever go up to the girls, ask them if they want to go back to his house or wherever. They sign an NDA. LeBron James, same sh-t. Should I be outing all these people?”
“LeBron James has various parties, constantly where NDAs need to be signed and women are at. You didn’t know that? You didn’t know LeBron’s a cheetah?”

These are quite the accusations made by Franklyn. Of course there is no way of verifying her claims, unless any of these alleged women at the alleged parties choose to break their alleged NDAs.

Ultimately what LeBron chooses to do is between he and his wife Savannah. Maybe they have an understanding. Maybe she knows about this and doesn’t care. Maybe she doesn’t know and wouldn’t care if it were true.

What’s interesting is Franklyn’s motivation.

She casually drops “dirt” on celebrities like this during the casual conversations she has on her podcasts with her co-host. Franklyn also attends high-end, exclusive events with famous people. It’s not hard to imagine her seeing or hearing things.

Could Franklyn be chasing clout?

It’s possible. As the former co-host of “Call Her Daddy” with Alex Cooper, Franklyn had a bad public break-up with Cooper over control of the show with former distributor Barstool Sports. Cooper has since gained sole control of the IP and signed a $60 million dollar deal with Spotify to distribute the podcast.

Maybe Franklyn is feeling some kind of way about missing out on all those millions and is looking for some juice for “Sofia With An F”?

“I mean, if she wants to Venmo me $30 million,” Franklyn joked earlier this year, referencing Cooper’s $60 million deal with Spotify in 2021.
“It was also hard to see something you’ve worked on for so f–king long be sold for that amount of money,” Franklyn said of the blockbuster deal. “I actually think if I would’ve stayed on the show and we would’ve not betrayed each other … I think we could’ve sold it for more, honestly, and that was always the goal.”

Again, there is no way of knowing if Franklyn is speaking with direct knowledge. It’s also a wild thing to make up randomly. She was talking about Levine and DiCaprio, why bring up LeBron?

Professional athletes, celebrities, and people of extraordinary means can often do what they want without repercussion. Athletes as a population subset are known to carry on numerous extramarital affairs. That doesn’t mean that LeBron is or has done anything. But if it these allegations proved true, don’t be shocked.

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