Former Steelers Teammates Antonio Brown And Ryan Clark Engage Twitter Beef Before Cooler Heads Prevail, But AB Needs Help

Former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown went on the attack against the media and his former teammate, defensive back Ryan Clark. Clark and Brown have had a roller coaster relationship over the years, with Clark coming down hard on Brown publicly concerning the former Steelers wide receiver’s various escapades.

Brown is unhappy about how he is characterized and lashed out at a reporter who wrote negatively about him. He also said Clark betrayed the Steelers fraternity by talking about him in public.

Clark Didn’t Take The Bait

To his credit, Clark did not engage in the beef too much and offered support to Brown, in whatever form he needs. Brown does need support, the type you receive from medical professionals.

“Fu** the b*tch ass reporter who ever wrote the story! You Mf don’t know sh*t about me ! Where I came from what I been through!! Ryan Clark been a b*tch in media say things then apologize next AB name drop we gone strike yo ass boy,” Brown wrote in a now deleted post on X, formerly Twitter. “Champ had me spare u last time we spin yo ass for confusion boy rap life. If you played for the Steelers don’t talk about no Steeler in public. House Rules. Fraternity. Open Kumbaya.”

Within the same day, AB backtracked and posted “it’s all love.”

Whether it’s CTE from all the years playing football, a psychological condition, or a combination of both, AB needs help.

The Super Bowl champion has been exhibiting strange behavior for some time. Going back to his days with the Steelers maybe there were signs then, but he was arguably the best receiver in the league so his behavior was seen as quirky or eccentric.

AB Needs Help

Everyone remembers the bizarre episode in January 2022, when as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he took off his helmet, pads, and jersey and left the team in the middle of the game. His last game in the league.

Since then his behavior has only been more strange. He’s come at former teammates. He inserted himself into the Tom Brady Gisele B√ľndchen divorce in a way he shouldn’t have.

Brown has also been accused of sexual assault, and not paying child support.

His National Arena League team, the Albany Empire, was kicked out of the league for unpaid dues. Players on the team are planning to sue Brown for unpaid wages.

Those are just the headlines. All of these things run deep with Brown.

Even the most generous reading of these incidents suggests a troubled individual that needs help.

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