Antonio Brown Shoots His Shot At Perplexed Podcaster Adam22’s Wife Because “It’s A Game Of Inches. You Must Not Have Checked The Snap”

Antonio Brown is a wild one!

On the heels of the controversial lifestyle of “No Jumper” podcast creator and host Adam22’s wife engaging in her first porn experience with a Black man, Brown is virtually putting in dibs to have a shot with Lena The Plug.

“Lemme get next @Adam22,” Brown posted on Twitter.

Lena then followed up with a reminder to Brown, posting, “Antonio, I’m a married woman,” with an angel halo emoji.

That didn’t stop the persistence of “Boomin” who posted in response, “that didn’t stop you last time baby.”

Boomin’ With Disrespect

Then Adam22 entered the convo to take a jab at Brown.

“What are you going to do with it with your little a** meat,” he posted in deference of Brown’s unconventional request.

However, AB is not one to be outdone in the game of trolling, and he took it to a place that is both comical and in line with his football image.

“It’s a game of inches, you must not have checked the snap #putthatsh*ton,” with the hashtage referencing the song that become ubiquitous with celebrations in sports.

New Rules?

Last week, the internet went wild when Adam22 revealed that he was allowing his adult film star wife to film her first-ever sex scene with another man who also happened to be Black.

“So I’ve been with my girl for seven years, just got married, we’re not in an open relationship, but from a porn perspective, we shoot with other girls; over the weekend, she filmed her first ever scene with another man,” he said on his No Jumper podcast. “After she did it, I did feel kind off odd, a little bit of that feeling in the belly.”

Later, Adam22 expressed peace with the decision he and his wife made.

“It’s officially been a week since I let my wife do a p–n with another guy,” he posted on Twitter. “I felt a little jealous at first but overall it wasn’t that big a deal. She’s watched me sleep with hundreds of girls and it’s never affected our relationship. Sleeping with that gentleman has been amazing for both her career and our business.”

When the scene was finally released, Adam22 was clowned mercilessly by Twitter trolls, and now Antonio Brown has piled on the list of those taking shots at the unconventional marital arrangement.

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