AB Can’t But Andrew Tate Can? Adam22 Claps Back At “Broke” Antonio Brown, Who Wants Five G’s For An Interview

Podcaster and husband to porn star Lena The Plug, Adam22, is letting the world know how he feels after former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown tried to pull up on his wife in the Twitter streets.

“Let me explain something,” Adam said to TMZ. “My wife worked with a trained adult male porn star, and it’s not like she’s up for grabs for any horny dude in the industry whose career has fallen apart who wants to get some.”

Brown hollered at Lena after catching wind of her recent sex scene with Jason Luv, her first with another man in the seven-year relationship of the couple. However, after a not-so-playful back and forth between the men on Twitter after Brown made advances at Lena, now Adam22 is saying Brown reached out to get on his “No Jumper” podcast to talk it out.

Clout Chasing?

“His team reached out to my team yesterday after he sent the tweet and they said, ‘Antonio’s down to drive to L.A. and do an interview with Adam,” he continued. “My team says, ‘OK, cool, we’re going to tell Adam.’ I say, ‘I’ll do it this, it will be some good content.’ They wanted five thousand dollars.

“I was like, it’s not happening,” Adam tells us. “He must be broke, or something. I looked him up on Google, it says he’s worth like $20 million. But, I mean, he’s out here scrounging up, trying to get five thousand dollars out of me to do the interview. I’m like, why am I gonna give you five thousand dollars for disrespecting my wife on Twitter, you piece of s**t?”

However, although Adam says Lena works with professionals, he included the option for controversial podcaster Andrew Tate to get the opportunity with his wife.

Way to be selective, Adam22.

“To be totally fair, Andrew Tate might be at the level where we would consider it,” Adam says. “Antonio Brown, to me, is basically a homeless person. The idea that I’m gonna let this piece of s**t f**k my wife, it’s not happening. And, I’m not giving you $5,000 for an interview, either.”


I guess AB deserved the shade after coming at someone’s wife sideways, but in the game of porn, skin, smoke, and mirrors, perhaps AB thought anything goes for likes.

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