Floyd Mayweather Squashes Beef With Gervonta Davis

“Money” left no doubt about his support for “Tank” and the team.

Social media can degrade relationships.

Last year, it seemed that the relationship between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Gervonta “Tank” Davis was on the rocks. Through Twitter, Davis seemed frustrated with Mayweather’s energy as his boss and mentor.

However, yesterday during the Davis vs. Ruiz final press conference, Mayweather surprised the audience with an appearance. He took to the dais intentionally greeting all the fighters, even the opponents of his fighters.

Then he stepped to the mic and his support for Davis effused.

“I remember when Gervonta Davis first came to my gym, said Mayweather. “He worked hard and believed in himself. Sometimes we did two-a-days. I f we didn’t think the job was done right, we’d come back and correct it. We continue to strive every day to be the best we possibly can be. Gervonta works extremely hard, but he can’t take anything for granted in this fight.”

No Flex Zone

Davis turned heads during the lead-up to the Jesus Cuellar title fight last April. He switched up his training from the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas to Kevin Cunningham’s Camp Cunningham Gym in South Florida. The change was to train with noted Mayweather boxing ‘frenemy’ Adrien “The Problem” Broner.

Many saw this coupled with Tank’s social media revelations as an indication of a rift between the two. Mayweather also wasn’t as visible with Tank as he had been during the Liam Walsh fight in 2017.

However, showing up strategically was probably to quell those rumors of dissension within his company.

It’s great to be here with so many young talented fighters,” said Mayweather. “I could remember 23 years ago when I was in that same position. When you’re in this position you have to take advantage of it. Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. You must go out there and give it your all.

“I want to see these fighters become great and become stars. The records that I’ve set were made to be broken.”

Passing The Torch

As of late, Mayweather Promotions CEO, Leonard Ellerbe has been very visible. As the shepherd of the Mayweather Promotions brand, Ellerbe has been seen as the steadfast businessman to Mayweather’s over-the-top celebrity. Yesterday, Mayweather thanked Ellerbe, his advisor Al Haymon and his staff and many more showing his appreciation for his team.

It can only be assumed that Mayweather realizes his image tanks in relation to public displays of affection for his team’s work. Why else would a man known more for braggadocio make the time to come and publicly exalt his squad?

Grooming Davis shows Mayweather’s belief in the future of his company beyond his career. With Davis on the verge of a breakthrough in the sport, it is a welcomed vision to see solidarity in a business rife with contention.

“I feel like I’m the fighter that can be the next big star,” said Davis. “I’m working towards it. I’m just a kid soaking it all in right now. Saturday night, I hope everyone is ready, because it’s going to be action.”

This Saturday, Davis looks to extend the market share and advance the legacy of The Money Team.

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