Denver Broncos Insider Benjamin Albright Tweets About Being Unfaithful | He’s ‘Been A Bad Partner’

Denver Broncos insider Benjamin Albright is known for breaking stories as it pertains to the Broncos and around the NFL. Albright was the first to break the story of the Broncos trading for quarterback Russell Wilson. He also kept everyone in the loop on the Sean Payton trade from the New Orleans Saints to the Broncos. But, last week, for some strange reason, the NFL reporter decided to let fans in on his love life. 

Albright tweeted that he’s been unfaithful because he was sexting his ex-girlfriend, while reportedly dating someone else. But, instead of talking to his current mate in private, the radio host for KOA Colorado decided to take to social media to air his dirty laundry. 

“I’ve been a bad friend, I’ve been a bad partner,” Albright began his missive, which has since been deleted. “I cheated on my partner. Not physically, but emotionally. Which is worse, to many. No, one asked me to type this, and it is me typing it. I royally messed up.”

Albright wasn’t done, as he then went into talking about how great a person he had with his over 100,000-plus Twitter followers. 

Albright Oddly Unleashes On Relationship

Describing the couple’s relationship, Albright began to unveil intimate details about their former union, and it was a tad bit weird. 

“We had a rocky go of it in spurts, but always pushed through. Some fights were my fault. Some hers. She had trauma from her past about being left/abandoned, and that was a stressor at times, but understandably so,” he continued. 

“We had some knockdown drag-outs but pushed through it every time and were stronger for it. Or so it seemed. I began to lose confidence in myself. There were other physical issues on my end as a result. 

“So what did my dumb ass do? I didn’t reach out to my partner and talk to them. I did the dumbest thing possible. Tried talking to and sexting my ex.”

Albright then called himself a POS which is short for “piece of s—t.”

Did Albright just insinuate that he put his hands on the woman? 

It sure seems that way.

Ex Seemingly Responds To Albright

A woman by the Twitter handle Jessica Maxwell then responded:

“I didn’t know you were posting my trauma Ben. You harvested my trauma for likes and sympathy.”

“You cheated. And involved my kids. And I’m so sorry this is playing out on social. But I won’t allow you to harvest our personal likes for likes and follows,” she wrote. 

Maxwell seemed more upset that Albright came to social media to talk about their personal life, while involving her children instead of the breakup itself and how it came about. 

As for Albright, this was not a good look, especially the part where he mentioned or implied that the two had gotten physical in their blowups. 

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