You Won’t Believe What Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Plans To Do With Dak Prescott Going Forward

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off a 12-5 season, which saw them finish second in the NFC East. That culminated in a wildcard playoff win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a win ending the career of future first ballot Hall of Famer, Tom Brady. Since the team’s disappointing divisional playoff loss to the Niners, Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones has been rather open about his quarterback Dak Prescott and what his plans are going forward. 

In a recent talk with reporters at the NFL combine, Jones talked about the team possibly signing a veteran signal caller, and he also let his feelings about Dak be known.

“Don’t dismiss us doing something special with the right veteran free agent. Anyplace. I would in a New York minute if I think it fits.”

Dad Prescott and Jerry Jones have a special relationship. Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Sounds like Jones isn’t opposed to adding a savvy, veteran backup to Prescott, whom he says he still has the utmost confidence in.

“As one of my ex-coaches said, ‘Coaches dream of wha Dak is. You see the way that team follows him? Don’t touch that.’ …He has the physical skills to do this at the level to win us a Super Bowl.”

Jones, really believes in his quarterback, this despite his 2-4 playoff record and NFL-leading 15 interceptions this last season. Prescott also threw those interceptions in just 12 regular season games played due to injury. 

Team Intends To Continue Building Around Prescott

As the team readies itself for the NFL draft following the NFL combine and pro days, Jones is adamant that any moves made will be to assist Prescott in leading the team to Super Sunday, a place they haven’t been since 1995.

“I’m very strong on Dak. We have, in my mind, a unique person, a unique football player, a unique quarterback,” Jones said. “This whole thing reflects the upside that I feel in Dak. The fact that we’re doing this, Mike’s calling the plays, this has everything to do with the positives around Dak. It’s building around Dak.”

Jones’ son Stephen, who is the Cowboys executive vice president, CEO and director of player personnel, says Dak is the team’s quarterback for the next two seasons, and hopefully much longer. 

“The bigger thing for us is Dak is going to be our guy for, hopefully, the next 10 years. You say, that’s a long time because he’s already played six of seven. But I think Dak will play that long because he takes care of himself and he’s driven to be great, and we fully expect him to be here for 10 years.”

Both Jerry and Stephen are saying all the right things, but if Prescott hasn’t gotten the team to at least the NFC Championship by the end of his deal in a couple seasons, the belief is they’ll look to move on from him. And they’d have every right too, when you consider the money and time he’s been given, if no more than an early playoff exits continue moving on will occur. 

Do Cowboys Need Talent Influx?

With star running back Ezekiel Elliott looking like a shell of himself, and the receiving corps not looking too great except CeeDee Lamb, the Cowboys need to hit on some draft picks and maybe even land a quality free agent or two on the offensive side of the football. 

With a defense good enough to compete for championships, it’s the offense in Dallas that needs some juice.

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