Curry’s Petty Enough To Sell “Ayesha Can Cook” T-Shirts, Sealing Boston Disrespect | Steph And Ayesha Initiate Summer Clapback

Get ready for the summer of Warriors clapbacks. After clinching the franchise’s seventh NBA championship, fourth for the core of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, it’s time to settle scores.

The Warriors’ core players have their lists and they are taking aim at any and all who’ve slighted them over the past two seasons. Curry and his wife Ayesha are creating a line of “Ayesha Curry Can Cook” shirts that’ll benefit charity in response to a local Boston restaurant that taunted the chef and cookbook author during the NBA Finals over her kitchen skills. 

A local Boston establishment thought they would support their hometown Celtics during the Finals by going after Curry. In the grand scheme of things, it was benign and kind of clever.

Steph, the self-proclaimed King Of Petty, caught wind of it and wore a T-shirt in support of his wife.

The restaurant doubled down.

That’s the thing in any back-and-forth. If you are going to hold your position, if you eventually come up on the wrong end you’ve got to own it. Those are the rules.

After the Warriors’ secured the final win, Ayesha Curry released the championship menu via Twitter.

Through her brand Sweet July, Ayesha Curry is selling “Ayesha Curry Can Cook” T-shirts with all proceeds set to benefit No Kid Hungry. An organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America.

The families of professional athletes go through a lot, particularly when they travel on the road with the athlete. The road crowds are hostile and if you are a public family member of a pro athlete, you’re going to be targeted.

It’s certainly not fair or right, but that’s the culture that has been allowed to exist in the world of sports fandom.

As the wife of Steph Curry, none of this is new to Ayesha. She’s had her battles with the Cleveland Cavaliers crowds during those early Finals runs as well.

There is no doubt that this win against Boston had to be a special kind of satisfaction for her.

She takes herself seriously as a chef and cookbook author and for a certain segment of Boston fans to attack her work, she likely took it personally. That’s the only way you get the kind of clapback she gave.

Buckle up folks, this is only the beginning.

In the two years the Warriors were down, since the 2019 NBA Finals, many people predicted the end of their championship window and threw metaphorical dirt on their graves. The Warriors took note.

You saw Klay Thompson go after Memphis Grizzlies’ forward Jaren Jackson Jr. for tweeting “Strength In Numbers,” the Warriors’ team motto.

Steph called out all the talking heads who said he and the Warriors would never win another title.

Then, of course, there is Green, who seems like he’s ready to unload on everyone and everything.

The rest of the NBA is on notice. The champs are here, they remember what you said about them, and they’d like a few words.

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