Colts Got Jokes For Fans Who Got Jokes About Frank Reich Hiring

The Colts were in the news after the Super Bowl, but for the wrong reasons.

After the team was rebuffed by Josh McDaniels, who chose to remain with the Patriots rather than go through with his verbal agreement to be the Colts’ new head coach, management scrambled to find a new head coach while the internet went in.

The Shadow League on Twitter

Colts: Excited to welcome our new head coach, Josh McDaniels. Coach, the mic is yours…. Josh McDaniels:

Jarrett Payton on Twitter

Josh McDaniels right before signing on the dotted line. #Colts

Manish Mehta on Twitter

Screw an organization. Screw a bunch of assistant coaches who passed up other job opportunities to be a part of your staff… and now are out of jobs. Screw a #Colts fanbase that wanted to believe in you. THE PATRIOT WAY.

Needless to say the team, their fans and former members of the Colts were less than pleased with McDaniels’ decision as well.

Jim Irsay on Twitter

What Josh McDaniels did to the Horseshoe today is despicable. He was and still is an unethical human being. The Colts will find a worthy head coach and we will beat the shit out of the Patriots. #Colts #McDaniels

A week later, the Colts announced they had found their man in Frank Reich, the long time former Buffalo Bills QB and, most recently, the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl champions, Philadelphia Eagles. But the internet wasn’t done with the team yet, so the clowning began almost immediately after the team’s announcement.

Indianapolis Colts on Twitter

It’s official Colts fans! Frank Reich is your new head coach:

Stone on Twitter


Texans_Fanatic on Twitter


But instead of shying away or completely ignoring the commentary, the Colts jumped right in and gave the fans what they wanted- confirmation and humor. 

Indianapolis Colts on Twitter

Indianapolis Colts on Twitter

Since you guys got jokes!

You gotta love talented social media managers from sports teams.

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