Colorado’s Latest Win Made O.J. Simpson A Colorado Buffs Believer, But ‘Juice’ Wont Root Against Caleb Williams and His USC Trojans

On Saturday, Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes made a statement about resilience under pressure. After an impressive 80-yard interception return by Shilo Sanders in the first quarter to put the first points on the game board, the Buffs trailed their in-state rivals Colorado State for most of the game until the end of pivotal fourth quarter.

Two OTs later, they dredged a win through the muck that Colorado State threw at them all game. The physicality that CSU brought sent two-way phenom sophomore Travis Hunter to the showers early, compliments of a “dirty” hit that drew an unnecessary roughness penalty. Sanders’ son Shilo contributed with a clutch pick six and Prime’s other son, Shedeur, clinched the win with an 18-yard pass to Michael Harrison in double OT and a two-point conversion to pour salt in the wound.

If you weren’t a believer before, now is the perfect time to recognize the tenacious brilliance of the new Buffs.

OJ Simpson Will Be Cheering For Alma Mater USC When The Trojans Play Colorado

Many celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, rappers Lil’ Wayne and Offset, and NBA star Kyle Lowry were in attendance. Even “The Juice, “O.J. Simpson has jumped on the “Sko Buffs” bandwagon to Boulder.

“Okay, Deion Sanders. Look, I think you rate a great coach by what he does in a tight game,” Simpson said in a video on social media. “Not when he’s running away from teams because he’s got too much speed and too much talent for the opponent, but when he’s in a knockdown drag-out game like they were in last night. That’s how you rate a great player, and you could say Colorado State was not a good team.

“Wait a minute. When USC plays UCLA it doesn’t matter what the records are,” he continued. “When Ohio State plays Michigan, when Southern plays Grambling, it doesn’t matter what the records are. Those games, [it’s] a shootout between rival games. so Colorado State and Colorado, knew it would be a rivalry game and it would probably be a tough game. And Deion Sanders came through in a big way with his team.”

New Levels New Devils

However, the next few weeks take Colorado to the deeper end of the Pac-12 pool, and weeks 4-8 bring on Oregon, USC, Arizona State, Stanford, and UCLA. The CSU rivalry was only an appetizer if being tested was a meal. The rest of the schedule is the whole Pacific Conference plate.

“We all cheer for Deion and Colorado,” Simpson continued. “I cheer for them until two weeks from now. … They go against USC, and as much as I love Deion, and I’ve loved him his whole career as a player, and now I’m amazed at how good of a coach he is … two weeks from now against USC, Deion, you’re going down. I’m just saying.”

USC and reigning Heisman -winner Caleb Williams come to Boulder on September 30th for what is sure to be the most watched gaem of the college football season to date.

Simpson, of course, is one of the greatest running backs in college and NFL history. “Juice” won USC’s second Heisman while setting the NCAA single-season rushing mark in 1968.

Now is the time that Colorado Buffs believers’ faith will be tested as the Colorado congregation will face extreme tribulations. And some fans whose allegiance will run hot and cold all season.

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