Chiefs Superfan Xaviar Babudar Pleads Guilty To Robbing 11 Banks Across Seven States | Faces 50 Years In Slammer

The Kansas City Chiefs are fresh off winning back-to-back Super Bowls, three in five seasons.

KC is known for its rabid fan base that packs raucous Arrowhead Stadium weekly in one of the greatest homefield advantages in the league. The fanbase has plenty of characters who want to be top fan.

No one stands out like superfan Xaviar Babudar, who became popular for wearing a gray wolf suit to Chiefs home games.

Chiefs Superfan Xaviar Babudar Robbed 11 Banks Across Seven States

Not only had Babudar become known at Chiefs games, the superfan has also made his mark at banks across seven states.

Babudar went on a prolific bank-robbing spree, hitting up 11 different banks across those seven states. He then attempted to launder the money through various casinos.

After months of evading the authorities, Babudar was captured in July, and he recently pleaded guilty to those crimes. He now faces a maximum of 50 years in prison.


Babudar Stole More Than $800K 

During his crime spree Babudar accrued more than $800K, and he reportedly even used some of the funds to purchase an autographed painting of quarterback Patrick Mahomes which he bought at a charity auction.

As a result of his conviction Babudar must relinquish the portrait and pay over $532K in restitution.  

“His violent crime spree across the Midwest and beyond traumatized bank employees and victimized financial institutions in seven states,” U.S. Attorney Teresa Moore said in a statement. “The defendant tried to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen cash by using it to gamble online and in casinos, but the odds caught up with him. With today’s conviction he will be held accountable for the full scope of his criminal conduct, including his attempt to flee from justice.”

Babudar’s attorney seemed excited his client accepted the plea deal which reportedly dropped 17 of the 20 charges.

“Today was big day for Xavier Babudar,” Matthew Merryman said. “He took responsibility for his actions. He stood up in court, humble and repentant, and admitted what he had done. Moving from 20 charges down to three charges, it was an opportunity. Xaviar Babudar would never physically harm anyone.”

The lawyer continued his speech in front of the court making football analogies to describe the judicial process.

While he didn’t harm anyone during his 11 bank robberies, the mental anguish Xavier brought on those bank employees is enough.

Hearing Merryman say that is strange, as there’s no way to remove that part of what Babudar did during his acts of thievery. 

Babudar Still Listened To Chiefs While Behind Bars

Despite being behind bars at Leavenworth federal prison, which is just about 40 miles from downtown Kansas City, Babudar didn’t miss one down of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl season. The bank kleptomaniac was able to listen to his favorite team on the radio as they made their run to another Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

From the looks of it, Babudar should get comfortable doing that, because he’ll likely be keeping up with the Chiefs via radio transmission for the rest of Patrick Mahomes’ career.  

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