Alleged Bank Robber Chiefs Fan ‘Chiefsaholic’ Cuts Off Ankle Monitor And Has Been On The Run For A Week

Every NFL fan base has a super fan that goes the distance to rep their favorite team, but one Kansas City Chiefs super fan has gone overboard. Xavier Michael Babudar, also known as “Chiefsholic,” has been on the run from authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since not long after bonding out of jail following his arrest on charges of robbing a bank last fall. Babudar, whose first name also is reported as Xaviar in some reports, has constantly appeared at Chiefs games wearing a wolf costume that was decked out in Chiefs apparel.

(Left) Xavier Michael Babudar’s mugshot; (right) Babudar dressed in his Chiefs costume during a game. (Photos: Screenshots from Tulsa News anchor Jonathan Cooper Twitter account)

The Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office announced that Babudar failed to show up for his court appearance on Monday and has turned off his ankle monitor. It is reported that he is accused of robbing a TTCU bank on Dec. 16, 2022, with a weapon.

The DA’s office said that they found the ankle monitor in a field near Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa, according to the New York Post. They also plan to add another felony charge.

Tracy Tiernan, Babudar’s attorney, said she hasn’t spoken with her client.

“I have reached out to him and am waiting to hear back from him,” Tiernan said to the New York Post. “I don’t know the circumstances of why [the ankle monitor] was removed and how it was removed.”

Babudar was presumed to have made bail because of the money he earned from bets he made that Patrick Mahomes would win MVP and the Chiefs would win the Super Bowl. He posted his betting slips on his Twitter account after they were made. It is reported but not confirmed that he should’ve made $100,000.

He made bail shortly after the Super Bowl and posted a video image of himself dancing superimposed over rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s body in the music video for the song “GOOBA.”

The bank teller who Babudar allegedly robbed at gunpoint, Payton Garcia, was opposed to his bail release.

“I’m shocked that the district attorney and judges allowed this criminal out on bail after robbing a bank,” said Garcia in statement that was released by her attorney Frank Frasier. “That day changed my life. I have never feared for my life like that before.”

Michael Lloyd, Barbudar’s bondsman, said in a statement to Brobible Sports that he cut off his monitor approximately 8:30 p.m. on March 25 and they have been hunting him since then.

“He has a close relationship with his mother and brother. Those three are rarely ever separated,” said Lloyd. “Babudar’s mother and brother left Tulsa and we previously believed that Xavier was with them. However, we later found out that they left Tulsa about two hours before Babudar even cut off his leg monitor.”

Lloyd also added that since Babudar has been out of jail his only known place of residence is a hotel in Tulsa.

It is reported that the Chiefs super fan made a plea to attend the Super Bowl in Phoenix saying it was a “family vacation”, but authorities denied his request.

Tulsa police are still searching the area for Babudar and are keeping a close eye on his family members.

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