Chef Curry’s Spicy Game 2 Play Burns The Mouths Of His Critics

They came from far and wide to see the King. In these 2018 playoffs — which is also his Cleveland farewell tour —   praises for LeBron James have poured loosely from the mouths of every bandwagon riding media stool pigeon, NBA fan or not.  

James took his throne again on Sunday night, down 1-0 to the Golden State Warriors after losing a gut-wrenching opening game of the 2018 NBA Finals. One the Cavs could have stolen if the basketball Gods chose it to be so. His court jester, JR Smith caught most of the slack for his antics at the end of regulation, but King James was carrying the burden of going 0-4 with two points in OT after scoring 51 points in regulation

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The BEST of LeBron James (40.0 ppg, 8.5 rpg, 10.5 apg) through two games of the #NBAFinals #WhateverItTakes

The masses gave his highness a pass and ripped into King James’ court for 24 hours a day up until Game 2. Then they settled in to witness the magnificence of a guy who can do no wrong and has no equals in the sport of basketball. Could he drop a half century again and this time with more favorable results? If this is the end, will he be able to depart on top as a champion?

Not if the King Slayer AKA Chef Curry has anything to do with it. LeBron has made the NBA Finals all four years of his second stint with the Cavs and when its all said and done, Steph Curry will have beaten him in three of those four matchups. 

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Time to switch the focus and give the 2018 NBA Finals MVP-to-be the spotlight. After facilitating the tough Game 1 win, Curry went airmail postal in Game 2, putting on a shooting display that only he could deliver in Golden State’s 122-103 victory over the Cleveland Cavs. 

Curry banged an NBA Finals record nine 3-pointers on a night when he scored 33 pointers and brought the Warriors within two wins of another the title. 

Steph Curry Sets NBA Finals Record with 9 Three-Pointers in Warriors Win over Cavs

Steph Curry set an NBA Finals record with nine three-pointers in the Golden State Warriors’ Game 2 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Find more exclusive sports coverage: Subscribe: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

It was a throwback game of sorts. A throwback to 2016 season when it seemed as if he would never miss.  

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When LeBron James is in his zone he’s unstoppable. Same with Curry when his long-range game and his ever-improving efficiency around the hoop is clicking at the same time. Hes as indefensible as any player to ever do it. And his work ethic is why any shooting slump that he may appear to be going through usually lasts about as long as a social media news cycle. 

We are constantly witnessing the elevation of his game and how he’s matured from an incomparable gunner to a student of the game. His contributions to the persistent dominance of Golden State and seamless incorporation of Kevin Durant and other new parts is a vital part of the story that people tend to overlook.   

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JaVale McGee & Shaun Livingston combine for 22 PTS on a perfect 11-for-11 shooting to help the @warriors protect home court! #DubNation #NBAFinals

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Two years ago, when Curry was hobbled by a knee injury throughout the playoffs, there was one part of his game that suffered, and its exactly what makes him such a nightmare in this series: his efficiency around the basket.

Curry shot 67.4% in the restricted area in that regular season, but he shot 52.1% in the playoffs and 47.8% in the Finals and his ineffectiveness as a major reason why the Warriors, 73-9 in the regular season,” took a major L in the Finals. 

There was a point in Game 2 when Currys playoff shooting percentage in the restricted area was a ridiculous 81%, according to NBA data, before it dipped back to 75% by the end of the night,” which is still wicked lit. 

“Its right around the 77.4% of none other than James himself, and its better than Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis, and even Kevin Durant.”. 

While LeBron James is the most versatile player in the game, Curry is the most magical and unduplicatable presence and his greatness and uniqueness is magnified on the playoff stage. He’s truly a cross between David Blaine and Houdini with the rock. 

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Klay Thompson on Steph’s historic #NBAFinals Game 2 performance! #NBAPostgame #DubNation

Despite the medias Bron-heavy narrative and the way sports media conglomerates have ramped up their godly portrayal of James — who just a few months after having his throne supposedly snatched by Kevin Durant in the 2017 Finals has elevated back into GOAT contention — Currys been more popular, outselling James’ jersey for the past three seasons and breaking King James streak of six-straight season’s at the top spot. 

So for one night in these NBA Finals, Curry was also the best player on the court, including LeBron James and the NBA needs that dose of reality too. 

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