Steph Curry’s ankles have been his kryptonite in an otherwise unstoppable NBA career. He’s battled countless right and left ankle injuries and it’s no mystery that as he grows older, the frequency of tweaking his weak ankles seem to increase.

All of Stephen Curry's Injuries (EMOTIONAL)

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For now, Golden State has to deal with playing without their two-time MVP for at least the next two games after Curry jacked up his ankle again in the first quarter of Thursday night’s 110-107 win over the San Antonio Spurs. 

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Steph Curry exiting the game, going to the locker room. Here's a slow-mo video of the twist via @bballbreakdown. Again: Fourth right ankle sprain since early December

“He won’t play tomorrow,” Warriors Coach Steve Kerr told reporters, referring to Friday night’s game in Portland, “and we’ll just take it day-by-day."

As Golden State searches for its third championship ball in four years, they have all of the pieces in place to win another title, boasting four of the Top 15 players in the game. Who from this planet would be able to defeat the mighty Warriors? 

Nobody... unless Steph Curry goes down with an injury. Curry’s janky ankles are the only thing that has ever been able to stop him during his illustrious and culture-changing NBA career. He’s missed playoff games, regular season games. It’s something he’s always had to deal with and to be honest, he’s been lucky. Some therapy and rest usually does the trick and he’s back to bombing, dipping, darting and even dunking in no time. 

Lately, however, Curry’s right ankle, which acted up for the fourth time this season —  and second time within a week, isn’t showing him any love. And everyone knows if Curry can’t go in the playoffs, that eventually spells disaster for Golden State as far as a Western Conference finals meeting with Houston is concerned. 

Some prognosticators have proclaimed that Golden State will be gucci without Curry because Durant will step up and fill the void as he did last night, dropping 37 points on an overrated and undermanned Spurs squad. 



These foolish mortals must not understand how irreplaceable Steph Curry is to the playoff success of Golden State and how he is the heartbeat of the team. People credit Draymond Green for being the inspirational leader, but Steph is the straw that stirs the drink. The final ingredient to a meal that is imperfect without him.  

Without Chef Curry, there's nobody to cook the meal. Remember, Durant came to Golden State to win a chip. Durant had his pick of teams when he was a free agent, but he wanted to play with gladiators who were champions and could help him reverse years of playoff failure in OKC. 

The deck was never stacked for Steph. He overcame tremendous odds to lead his team to NBA championships over LeBron James. He already had two MVP’s and two titles before Kevin Durant came to Dub Nation, jumped Steph’s coat tails and took advantage of Curry’s unselfishness. 

Stephen Curry Mix ~ "God's Plan" ᴴᴰ

Two time league MVP Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the entire NBA. Steph Curry is deadly shooter from beyond the arch is able to get by any defender with his speed and athelticism. This is a mix of his greatest plays and moments in the NBA.

Durant was allowed to shine in the 2017 playoffs. Allowed to come in, be embraced by everyone in the organization and take shots away from a guy who really didn’t need Durant to earn more hardware. Curry is a Golden State lifer and champion. He proves why he is the NBA’s most popular player every time he defers to Durant in a situation he certainly could handle himself.  Guys with Steph’s grit, championship pedigree and unmatched shooting prowess are missed in the big games. 

The Warriors can survive a few rounds of the playoffs without Steph, but they are going to need him if they plan on winning the NBA Championship. That’s just facts. To believe otherwise is undervaluing the legacy and impact of a future Hall of Famer.