Cam Newton Has One Believer Left Who Feels He Should Be Aaron Rodgers’ Backup On The New York Jets And “Zach Wilson Should Be QB3”

The NFL offseason is in full go mode, with the NFL combine, free agency, and pro days taking center stage thus far, and the NFL draft set to take place later this month. Therefore teams are rounding rosters into shape outside of those players drafted this month. One story that’s been ongoing is the Green Bay Packers trading future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets. While the move hasn’t materialized as of yet, Rodgers himself pretty assured us that it’s going to happen as soon as the two sides can reach an agreement on compensation. 

But it’s who is expected to be behind Rodgers that has one NFL insider concerned. Former  ESPN NFL insider Josina Anderson isn’t sold on 2021 No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson as Rodgers’ backup, and she let it be known during a recent appearance on FS1’s “The Herd.” And because of that, Anderson thinks the Jets should sign former NFL MVP Cam Newton to be the team’s primary backup and relegate Wilson to third string. 

Anderson Is All Aboard The Newton In New York Train

Earlier this week former Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton gave a list of signal-callers he’d be willing to back up, and Rodgers and the Jets made the list. So maybe that’s why Anderson is of the belief that Newton should be the second QB for “Gang Green.”

First and foremost, Newton is showing a willingness to kind of accept the role that he is in right now just relative to him being out of the NFL for so long. And right now, the Jets’ QB2 situation is not tenable. Obviously, they’ve got to get Aaron Rodgers first. But if something were to happen to No. 12 and he is injured and can’t perform, is Zach Wilson really where they want him to put all of their aspirations and hopes as far as putting the ball back in his hands? 

Anderson continued:

“When I think back to that ‘Thursday Night Football’ game against the Jaguars, and that being the last time Zach Wilson performed before a national audience, and how he looked like a deer in headlights, that would give me great, great pause. And I know that the Jets feel like as long as anyone is in a Jets uniform, we’re going to do all our best to develop him and all that other stuff. And I’m not saying cut him and all that other stuff, but I think and I’ve been saying this in the New York and New Jersey market, is that I feel like Zach should be a QB3.”  

While that sounds good, it’s highly unlikely that the Jets sign Newton and make Wilson QB3. The team’s brass has constantly expressed its belief in Wilson as their long-term signal-caller, this despite the major struggles he’s had thus far in his NFL career. Also, Newton saying he’s OK with being a backup isn’t gonna sway many owners and general managers to sign him after years of hearing that not being a possibility for the former 2015 NFL MVP. 

Wilson As QB3 Isn’t A Bad Idea, But It Won’t Happen

Having Wilson hold a clipboard while learning from two former MVPs might not be such a bad thing. But the Jets, just like most NFL teams, won’t carry three QBs, instead opting to use that spot for another position. 

Rodgers has proveD to be pretty durable throughout his career, so no matter who the backup is, they probably won’t play much. And as much as Newton wants us to believe he’s OK with that, there’s still this belief that Newton only wants to start. 

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