‘Lose My Number’ | Aaron Rodgers’ Jets Dream Is Becoming A Reality As He Becomes Second MVP QB to Call Out ESPN Reporters For Fake News

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said when he went on his darkness retreat a couple of weeks ago — where he reportedly stayed in darkness for four days in a small house — he was 90 percent sure he was going to retire.

But as he seems to do every offseason, Rodgers once again had some sort of epiphany and will return to play at least one more season. While that season won’t be in Green Bay, the four-time NFL MVP got some things off his chest during his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Aaron Rodgers Wants To Play For Jets

Rodgers first told everyone his intentions are to join the New York Jets via trade.

“I made it clear my intention was to play for the New York Jets, and I haven’t been holding anything up. It’s the compensation the Packers are trying to get … The Packers want to move on and have let me know in so many words,” he said.

“I f—ing love that city. I love that organization and always going to have love for that organization. The facts are right now they want to move on, and now so do I,” he said. 

Rodgers calls it a bittersweet ending after 15 seasons ….

“I got to be the starting quarterback of the Packers for 15 years. … So I love you, Green Bay. Thank you. I’m as sad as you are, but we’ll meet again.”

Rodgers Blasts Diana Russini’s ESPN Reporte As ‘Ridiculous’

On Monday, March 13, ESPNs Diana Russini reported that Rodgers had a wish list of things he wanted the Jets to do in order for him to okay the trade. One of those players on the list was Packers wide receiver Alan Lazard, whom the Jets signed to a four-year, $44M deal on Tuesday, but during his appearance with Pat McAfee, Rodgers said he did no such thing. He even called the report “ridiculous.”

Rodgers Accuses ESPN Of Fake News

The mercurial Rodgers sounded like someone who’s ready for a change, and honesty from the Packers and the Jets.

“My only demand is for transparency,” he said.

Rodgers then went after Adam Schefter and Russini, saying ….

“Ask Schefter what I texted him when he somehow got my number and texted me,” Rodgers said. 

In response to Russini reporting about the so-called wish list, he had this to say: “I would say the same thing I told Schefty. Lose my number. Nice try. I’ll speak for myself.”

He continued, “I’m sure they’ll be people that have their sources. But you know, from what I’ve seen, it’s like if I had a sheet of paper when I met the Jets, and I said, ‘Sign these people.’ And that’s not reality. That’s so ridiculous.”   

Lamar Jackson also has expressed some displeasure via social media with the way his contract negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens have been covered by Schefter in particular.

Rodgers Will Be Reunited With Nathaniel Hackett

Joining the Jets has some real allure to it, when you consider the offensive talent the team has added over the last couple of seasons, with running back Breece Hall, wide receiver Garrett Wilson and others. But he’ll be rejoining his former offensive coordinator in Green Bay, Nathaniel Hackett, who was fired 13 games into his first season as head coach of the Denver Broncos. 

Rodgers hasn’t been shy on his feelings about Hackett saying … “There’s one coach who’s meant as much to me as any coach I’ve ever had.” 

Now they’ll be reunited in NYC. 

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