Calls For Sexual Assault Charges Against Ezekiel Elliott Have Begun 

Ezekiel Elliott has taken some heat on the social media moshpit after video of him exposing a friends boob at a rooftop bar in Dallas went viral.

In the video, Elliott pulls down her top, exposing her breasts and she reacts with shock and immediately attempts to cover herself up.

A second video reportedly taken moments after the first shows Elliott, who is still facing claims of domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend, again try to lower her top, only for her to slap him away.

She then exposes both boobs to the people below the rooftop bar in Dallas. A representative for Elliot said the woman says that she is not upset and they even hung out and partied afterwards. 

But as we told you when the incident first popped, with the NFLs reputation as a league with a history of damaging domestic violence incidents and a reputation for devaluing the rights of women, Elliotts situation wasnt going to just fade to black.

With charges pending that question his character towards women already, being seen on camera doing anything that might imply he was repeating behaviors of assaulting women was the dumbest thing he could participate in.

Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, an organization committed to fighting sexism, says Elliott committed a crime.

She told TMZ: The reality is that what happened in that video was sexual assault, period.

Thomas also calls on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend the Cowboys star to prove the league is serious about protecting women.

Hopefully Elliot gets some “act right”, starts cleaning up his crib a bit, learns from his actions and gets ready for a lengthy, demanding NFL career. Some already view see these incidents as a pattern of behavior that should force commissioner Goodell to do something he probably doesnt want to do to his friend Jerry Jones and suspend the citys shining star. 

I’m sure the NFL is investigating this incident. It’s quiet right now, but Elliott’s ultimate fate in this situation depends on what the woman says and how much pressure certain groups put on the NFL to address his actions. 

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