Former Cy Young Award Winner Trevor Bauer Settles Legal Dispute With Sexual Assault Accuser And Releases Text Messages That Allegedly Prove It Was A Plot To Set Him Up

Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill, the San Diego woman who first accused him of sexual assault, which led to an unprecedented 324-game suspension from Major League Baseball, have settled their civil lawsuits outside of court, with no money exchanged between the two parties. But Bauer has kept alleged receipts, and in a video posted to social media he points to an alleged extortion attempt by Hill.

Bauer Has Alleged Receipts

In the video Bauer gave the reasons why he agreed to settle with the Hill. He revealed text messages allegedly exchanged between Hill and her friends, which Bauer claims as proof that Hill plotted to extort him. Of the alleged messages from Hill stated, “Need daddy to choke me out,” another “Being an absolute WHORE to try to get in on his $51 million.”

Hill accused Bauer of sexually assaulting her during two encounters in the spring of 2021. She was later denied a permanent restraining order in Los Angeles Superior Court, and the district attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges against Bauer. But MLB decided to suspend Bauer anyway.

Bauer sued Hill for defamation in April 2022, and she countersued for sexual battery four months later. Court proceedings were scheduled to begin in February, but both sides agreed to drop their respective cases.

Hill will receive $300,000 in insurance policy proceeds that will be sent in a trust account to her lawyers’ offices, according to an email from Hill’s lawyers that was provided by a representative with Bauer.

“Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill have settled all outstanding litigation,” Bauer’s attorneys, Jon Fetterolf and Shawn Holley, wrote in a statement on Monday. “Both of their respective claims have been withdrawn with prejudice, effective today. Mr. Bauer did not make — and never has made — any payments to Ms. Hill, including to resolve their litigation. With this matter now at rest, Mr. Bauer can focus completely on baseball.”

He Said She Said

Bauer also alleged in the YouTube video that Hill’s legal team approached him “multiple times” about a financial settlement that his side consistently declined. He also said that the defamation lawsuit allowed his legal team to uncover additional cell phone material that was “deliberately and unlawfully concealed” from his lawyers, most notably a video of the woman “lying in bed next to me while I’m sleeping, smirking at the camera without a care in the world — or any mark on her face” on the morning after the second alleged incident.

“Over the last two years, I’ve been forced to defend my integrity and my reputation in a very public setting, but hopefully this is the last time I have to do so, as I’d prefer to just remain focused on doing my job, winning baseball games and entertaining fans around the world,” Bauer said in his video. “So today, I’m happy to be moving on with my life,” Bauer said.

Hill appeared on “Prime Time with Alex Stein” on Tuesday to respond to Bauer’s video.

“I just didn’t know that it would reach this level of hate for me with a lot of people not asking questions, or asking about the MLB arbitrator’s ruling. The MLB investigation that initially lasted 10 months dealt with several different women, several different accusations, so I was not the only case that was presented in that. In this four-minute video, the amount that is missing, sometimes I just want to scream. Have y’all not been paying attention to what’s come out the last two and a half years?” said Hill.

A really messy situation that we still don’t know what actually happened and never will.

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