Bryce James Loves Ice Spice, But Gives White Friends No Passes On The N-Word

With Bronny James set to soon make a decision on where he’s going to play college ball, Bryce James will be the next obsession for a lot of high schools basketball junkies. Just as the cameras and media followed Bronny off the court and tried to pry into his everyday life as a private citizen, Bryce will get the same treatment, of course, being a child of one of the greatest basketball players to ever live.

How Is Bryce James Living?

Bryce James himself seems to live a normal life off the court as well. It’s one that includes friends, family and basketball. The only thing with Bryce is that he’s part of a rich family, with a famous dad who holds a resume and legacy like no other.

Recently a video of Bryce James went viral on social media. The 6-foot-6 Sierra Canyon hooper was in a video call with some friends, which included two Caucasian girls who were singing New York native Ice Spice’s viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)”.

In the song, Ice Spice uses the N-word, and as the girls were rapping it, Bryce seemingly paused during their rendition of the song to make sure they didn’t say that word. 

Once the girls cleared the line and didn’t drop the racially charged expletive, Bryce then nodded his head in acknowledgment of them avoiding the word. What made it hilarious was his facial expression throughout the rapping of the line. 

The internet has gone crazy over this eight-second video because it shows a human, down-to-Earth side of Bryce. It shows him being a 15-year-old, instead of the famous son of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. 

Throughout the years there have been loads of content similar to this, showing Bryce just living a regular teenage life and enjoying his friends.

Videos such as Bryce comedically impersonating his father, or him making Tik-Tok content with his older brother and younger sister. 

Plenty of other younger celebrity athlete children have had similar treatment such as the aforementioned Bronny James and the Ball sons (Liangelo, Lonzo, Lamelo). Even Michael Jordan’s son, who doesn’t play basketball, is in the spotlight of late (especially with his new girlfriend, Larsa Pippen.

While Bryce does garner coverage for who he is outside of being a nationally ranked basketball player, he’s now in the media because of the possibility he’ll depart from Sierra Canyon.

Bryce James Leaving Sierra Canyon?

According to MaxPreps, Bryce could possibly be leaving Sierra Canyon, the school he played for the last two seasons with his brother, coached by Campbell Hall. 

Los Angeles Daily News’ Tarek Fattal first reported on the possible transfer.

“Multiple sources have said the move is a ‘done deal’ and Bryce James’ school application for transfer has been submitted,” Fattal wrote. “James and his family already have toured the school. The family’s youngest child attends the elementary school.”

With Bryce possibly finding a new school to play at next year now that his brother is done at Sierra Canyon, he will surely be on everyone’s timelines.


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