Bronny And Bryce James Hooping Together On Sierra Canyon | Has Bryce Passed His Older Brother As King James’ Golden Child?

Bronny and Bryce James are making noise at prestigious Los Angeles prep school Sierra Canyon School. Bryce is leading the JV squad and Bronny, a junior, is one of the leaders of the varsity squad. Before both squads took on Crossroads, the two brothers and sons of NBA great LeBron James were seen playing a little 1-on-1.

Bronny is 6’3 about 190 pounds and is in the class of 2023, although he could reclassify. Duke, Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky have all shown interest, and the latter made a scholarship offer before he was in high school. The interest has cooled some as the expectations have outweighed his production.

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Expectations that were clearly unfair and only foisted upon him given who his father is.

He’s sturdy and has put on some muscle in the last year. But at 6 feet 3 he’s not a wing player and projects to be a combo guard. He has fluid shooting mechanics, excellent feel for the game, vision and he can pass really well. A move to point guard might help.

He’s a good athlete but lacks length for his size. He was the top middle school player in the country, but at the elite high school level where kids hit growth spurts, Bronny hasn’t. Maybe it will come in time.

Bryce is a ninth grader and playing JV for Sierra Canyon. He’s had a growth spurt between middle school and high school and is now 6 feet 2.

The scouting reports are limited on the younger James, but he does appear to have above average length for his size, and four years ago LeBron said Bryce was the best shooter in the James household.

It’s very early for Bryce but he could also reclassify down the line.

The reality is it’s highly unlikely Bronny or Bryce are going to be as good as their dad. LeBron might be the best player of all time, so there is no shame in that. It’s also unlikely they make an NBA roster. There are only 450 players in the NBA. Each year, maybe 30 roster spots are open.

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You’ve got to be one of the 30 best players coming into the draft/combine process. That’s a tall order. Right now, neither player is close to that level.

Let’s allow both kids to develop as players and follow their natural trajectory without the unfair expectations. They’ll have advantages, as they won’t lack for resources, so they won’t have to rush development so they can get paid.

As sons of arguably the greatest player of all time they will have every possible opportunity to prove they belong in the NBA. But let’s see them get through high school seasons and see how they perform at the elite national prep showcases.

Everyone wants to write the story of LeBron playing with Bronny and possibly Bryce in the NBA one day. That would be a Hollywood-esque movie script, and given the family resides in Los Angeles, it’s perfect.

But life rarely works out that way. The ups and downs and everything in between interrupt perfect stories.

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