Badou Jack’s Continuing To Clean Up Mayweather’s Image

Badou Jack is the real star of Mayweather Promotions.Badou Jack is the best fighter in the Mayweather Promotions stable. 

This is not just because he is a two weight class world champion. Badou Jack is the only thing wholesome about the world’s most famous boxer turned promoter’s stable of hitters. 

While on a recent trip to the Middle East, the devout Muslim did an interview with Men’s Health Middle East which is featured in the current December-January issue.

“People have shown me a lot of love and I think they see I want to be a good role model, not just for other Muslims, but everyone,” said Jack. “I’m trying to be the best I can be.” 

Islamophobia is rampant in America and through athleticism and sound business moves, Jack has elevated the sport and his promoter.

“This is my fourth time in the UAE this past year and I love it, it’s like a second home,” said Jack in the magazine. “I like the mix of cultures. There are people from Europe, from the States, from the Arab world, from Africa, Asia, everywhere. There’s no discrimination here.”

Jack also delved into his mindset on training with the renowned magazine and mentioned details of what makes up his training camp routine.
“We have it all mapped out from the start, but of course there is a level of flexibility — you have to listen to your body,” Jack told Men’s Health Middle East. “We swim, we run up the mountain we spar 12, 13, 14 rounds, we do sprints, weightlifting. Everything is hard.
“When amateurs ask me for advice I always joke, ‘pick another sport’. You need to have so much patience. From the start of your career, then moving through the ranks. And the training to prepare for each fight — it takes so much time. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.”
Let popular culture debate if “Money May” and Gervota “Tank” Davis will reestablish a good repour. Badou Jack is the anchor to the new Mayweather flagship.

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