Gervonta Davis “Tanks” In Sexual Harassment Department

While most people were watching John Molina, Jr. and Jesse Vargas advance their respective careers with big wins this weekend, Gervonta “Tank” Davis was somewhere being devilish with his Twitter fingers.

A spat between Davis and Michelle Rosado of erupted when Davis felt disrespected by a post that Rosado made on her Twitter feed. Needless to say, Davis tanked in the class department royally.

Gervonta Davis on Twitter

I like you more when you showing ya Titties and pussy on FaceTime than on here running at the mouth

Rosado responded immediately, threatening to place Davis in the same tank the plethora of accused sexual harassers are now in and the internet trolls circled the fight with much anticipation.

Raging Babe on Twitter

Smh when they resort to making shit up. Stuck up for this kid plenty. Was beyond happy for him when he beat Pedraza, when Floyd was dogging him all the way out too. I even told you not to go to Vegas your last fight bc of weight and the distractions.

Raging Babe on Twitter

Check ya text or I will share it publicly

Raging Babe on Twitter

Being a woman in this business and earning things the hardway, I don’t have to put up with this and I won’t. Defamation of character and sexual harassment is not okay with me.

Raging Babe on Twitter

I can take heat and swallow facts. If I can dish it, I can certainly take it. But I cannot and will not take lies or defamation or sexual harassment. It’s that simple. The end.

The post in question is a 2016 article from Fight Hype entitled ‘The Ungratefuls’, where Floyd Mayweather’s comments about his fighters being unappreciative of the support they have received is explained in detail. Davis is mentioned as a boxer who never had a bank account living in the tough inner city of Baltimore who seemingly almost blew multiple chances while working with Mayweather Promotions. 

Raging Babe on Twitter

@steveucnlive This?

The article was written by close Mayweather friend and owner of Fight Hype, Ben Thompson.

Rosado had nothing to do with the article and was merely responding to a request by one of her followers to find the piece when Davis picked up wind of this and went on a Twitter fingers rampage.

With his mentor being a convicted domestic abuser that shows no remorse, Tank is certainly fitting the Mayweather Promotions brand very well with his public shaming of Michelle Rosado, and only time will tell how she decides to deal with this.

Still, Tank, who lost his belt for not making weight during the Mayweather vs. McGregor card, should be careful in a world that will no longer tolerate the disrespect of women by professional athletes.

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