Are The Phoenix Suns A Factor For Damian Lillard To Reach Miami By Trading Deandre Ayton?

The NBA rumor mill is heating up as the Phoenix Suns have emerged as the fourth team to help facilitate a Damian Lillard trade from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Miami Heat. But will the Suns trade young big man Deandre Ayton to make this happen?

Training Camps Set To Open Rumors Swirling

NBA training camps open next week, and the league has been in a holding pattern waiting on the eventual trades of Lillard and James Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers. It makes sense that “information” is leaking, when general managers and head coaches face the media next week they don’t want to be constantly asked about trade rumors.

According to reports, the Suns would be the fourth team, joining the Heat, Blazers, and Indiana Pacers.

For the Suns, Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal are off limits. The only player of value with a contract that moves the needle Ayton. He’s 24 and about to begin a four-year, $132 million extension.

People are down on Ayton after a bad year. But at his age and what he’s already shown, what could the Suns get back in return that would be valuable for their goal of chasing a title?

They need size, defense, rebounding and paint/rim protection. Who in a potential four-team trade would the Suns be able to get that fills those needs?

Teams Aren’t Just Going To Jump In A Deal To Help The Heat

Lillard goes to Miami. The Suns don’t need Tyler Herro. Bam Adebayo is off limits.

Would the Suns take Jusuf Nurkic from the Blazers? An older, injury-plagued, worse version of Ayton. Why would they do that? To get what else? Caleb Martin?

The Pacers are reportedly shopping Buddy Hield, but he fills none of the Suns’ needs.

Let’s assume this plays out though. The Blazers would want Ayton, so who would the Pacers get for a young team that is looking to compete for the play-in?

The reality is a third and fourth team would likely have to get involved to facilitate a Lillard trade to the Heat, because their offer isn’t good enough for the Blazers.

But something to keep in mind is if you’re hearing specifics about a deal that’s likely to boost whatever the real offer is. Agents and GMs feed “sources” with all kinds of stuff. Some of it real, a lot of it bull****.

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