Antonio Brown On “Power”? | Antonio Brown Does Dance With Cast Of “Power”; He Might Be Next Up On The Show

Business is Boomin’ and Antonio Brown is always up to something. A video of him performing his viral dance with the cast of “Power” has people wondering if he plans on embarking on a serious acting career.

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Brown has been at the top of his game since he left football. After literally walking out on his career midgame, he has gone on to sign extremely lucrative music deals and make popular music, all while simultaneously rocking shows at music festivals and delivering unfiltered tweets daily.

AB On Power

One might even forget for a second that he was a four-time All-Pro, seven-time Pro Bowl player, and a Super Bowl Champion. AB has a Hall of Fame résumé and is now working on building a music discography, but nobody should be surprised if he has acting on his itinerary soon.

Since shedding his NFL chains, AB has been open to try anything that can keep “Business Boomin’.”

The “Pit not the Palace” rapper was recently backstage in Houston with the cast of 50 Cent’s “Power Book II: Ghost.” He was performing the “Put That S*** On!” dance that has captured the attention of many of his fans and followers. AB ended up leading actors Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo, who play Tariq St. Patrick and Brayden Weston, respectively, on the show, in a dance collaboration.  

In the video that is now going viral, the three are doing AB’s signature dance, and then he’s joined by 50 Cent himself. Though Curtis Jackson wasn’t doing AB’s dance, it was clear he was enjoying the song as he was visibly in the background turning up to the song as well. 

In the caption Antonio Brown writes, “Put That S**t On Power with Tariq, Brayden, and Kanan. AB on Power”

AB Is Leaving No Stone Unturned Post-NFL 

AB has been on a roll in his post-football career. The amount of success he’s seen in music is tremendous, given his unpredictability, and with the number of connections he has in his network it would come as no surprise if Mr. Big Chest ends up appearing as a guest star in an episode or two. 

It would be hilariously funny to see Antonio Brown in the streets of New York, selling drugs, or appearing as a kingpin on the show. Even more entertaining would be an appearance by AB on the show. All he’d have to do is be himself and portraying typical wild and outlandish AB behavior. 

Knowing the genius of 50 Cent, there’s definitely a way he can incorporate AB into an episode. He’s already ushered tons of other celebrities into the “Power” universe, such as Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Method Man.

Though AB’s post slightly hints at him going on Power, it is uncertain if he was teasing fans or not. He’s had a previous acting role on HBO’s “Ballers” back in 2015 when he was actively dominating dudes playing in the NFL. Now that he’s retired and jet-setting with Kanye West, it’s not a stretch to think he would be able to put a considerable amount of time and effort into refining his acting. 

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If AB is networking like we know he is, a “Power” cameo isn’t far down the line for us in the future.

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