“F–k all you MF”| Antonio Brown Signs $5M Deal With Fwaygo Music, Then Goes On Another Twitter Rant against Bucs

Antonio Brown seemingly is the hottest athlete in the business endorsement world right now. After joining Kanye West’s Donda Sports he was named president of the company.  Donda Sports then purchased a $2 million presidential suite for the Donda team at the Super Bowl, which was a huge flex.

Now, AB, who is the most active NFL player as far as making music and releasing it, reportedly just inked a $5 million dollar deal to be the face of a music streaming service called Fwaygo Music. 

This was announced when the owners of Fwaygo and AB were on a livestream.

Antonio Brown is all in on Fwaygo, and he plans to use it to help further his rap career, as he told Complex.

“Fwaygo is a platform that gives artists an independent opportunity to be able to drop,” Brown said when asked about the platform and why he was interested in joining. 

Along with the video announcing the deal, it was backed by Antonio Brown’s newest song, “Pit not the Palace.”

He hasn’t established himself as a full-time artist due to his football career coming first, but with football on hold for Brown right now because of his controversial departure he can now focus on music.

A few years ago, he released a mixtape called “Himmothy,” and in an interview with Complex Brown explained what motivated the project:

“It’s a form of art—being creative and being expressive. When I’m not playing ball, which is my main thing, I love to create and make music.”

Fwaygo is a music streaming service that was launched last November, and their main focus is to highlight independent artists and help them launch more successful careers through exposure and another way to drop music.

Its model is similar to streaming services like SoundCloud. Besides Brown, they have aligned themselves with rap legend Young Thug.

Fwaygo is quickly gaining a huge buzz in the music industry, and their execs, like Kanye West, are doing a good job of aligning themselves with the sports industry and some of its main players. 

By securing that bag, Antonio Brown is not only getting paid, but he’s also helping his personal music career gain some more attention.

But for Fwaygo, making Antonio Brown the face of their service is putting them on the radar of independent artists and also getting them a lot of nods from the sports industry.

This seems to be a mutually beneficial deal between Antonio Brown and Fwaygo, and Brown will continue to grow his own brand because of it.

AB Rants At Brady, Bucs — Again 

Just because life is sweet on the entertainment side doesn’t mean AB doesn’t still harbor feelings of betrayal and resentment toward the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization.

According to CBS Sports: Brown took to social media on Monday to lodge another complaint against his former team. This time around, not only did the receiver throw the organization under the bus, but he also pinned some blame on Tom Brady for not throwing him the ball” in that infamous game where he took of his jersey and shirt and stormed off the field blowing kisses.

Here’s what Brown posted to Instagram on Monday (via the Tampa Bay Times):

  • He blamed the Buccaneers for his injury: “They tried to hurt me intentionally. Sent me out there after knowing I was still hurt.”
  • He says that Brady lied to him: “Tom said he would throw it if I came to play hurt, I came. He didn’t throw it, imagine being hurt, having to play through this and being lied (to) too.”
  • He continues to insist that Bruce Arians made him play hurt: “Coach said if I couldn’t run on this, get the f–k out of there.”

AB ended his IG message with “F–k all you MF”

The battle between Brown and the Buccaneers is ongoing, and as he gains an even bigger platform than the one he had on NFL Sundays catching balls and taking hits, he will continue to take shots at the organization and try to pin everything that went left on his former team, which still denies AB’s allegations and account of what transpired.

The saga continues.

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