Antonio Brown Feels “Tom Brady Manipulate The Game” For Missing Training Camp | Going Scorched Earth On The GOAT

If there is one thing you can count on it is that AB is going to be AB. That’s why it is not surprising that he is lashing out at his former Super Bowl-winning teammate on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady.

Since the news was revealed by the Buccaneers on Thursday that TB12 will not be at training camp for at least the next two weeks — Brady reportedly is handling a “personal issue” — Brown has taken offense at that liberty.

“Tom brady manipulate the game gets 14 days go home get his mind rt lol,” he said. “Now u see the difference. Put that s*** on.” Brown dropped the name of his single with a subsequent dance in the statement, because that is what you do when you’re AB.

The news broke late last week during a presser with head coach Todd Bowles.

“It’s something he needed to handle,” Bowles said. “We trust him. We talked about it. It was scheduled way before training camp and he will not be here until after Tennessee.”

With the Bucs scheduled to play the Titans in a preseason contest in Nashville on Aug. 20, Brady’s potential return isn’t until their outing against the Indianapolis Colts on Aug. 27 in the Hoosier State.

However, Bowles was less than direct on pinpointing Brady’s return, and many believe that the 45-year-old could be out for a lot longer. The team’s season opener is against the Dallas Cowboys in AT&T Stadium on Sept. 11, a high-profile game that would definitely feel Brady’s absence.

“It’s a personal issue,” Bowles said. “That’s all I can tell you,” Bowles reaffirmed to the media.

Brown didn’t leave Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero out of the mix, coming at him directly in the rant.

“Alex Guerra – You think i won’t have u smacked at TB12 boy stop playing with me !” AB added. “Boy getting paid by bucks n taking players money too.”

When Brown left the Buccaneers unceremoniously at a New York Jets game in January, he came for Brady’s trainer, exposing their previous interactions. Brown posted text messages with Guerrero on Instagram where he asked for half of a $100,000 payment back after communicating a dissolution of their professional relationship. Brown got messy and tagged Brady in the post also.

Brown followed that with a photoshopped “Home Alone 2” poster when he was wandering around New York with celebrities like Kanye West and Floyd Mayweather while figuring out his transition out of football. However, he recently has been signaling that he wants to return.

He began angling for the Cleveland Browns on Twitter with posts like “Cleveland Antonio Browns. C-A-B” and “Take the Browns to SuperBowl. Not ToiletBowl” after Deshaun Watson was chosen as their quarterback.

More recently, he made an overture through the media to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with a simple, “Tell Jerry Jones to call me.”

The 34-year-old played only seven games with the Buccaneers last season, a season interrupted after being dealt a three-game suspension for violating the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols with a fake vaccine card. He returned to the team for the season’s final two games, eventually running off the field in the third quarter, tossing his shirt and NFL career into the crowd. Now he does more of the same, criticizing his onetime friend and NFL poster boy Tom Brady.

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