Analyzing The Top 3 Teams For Jimmy Butler Post T-Wolves Exit

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Jimmy Butler’s preferred trade destinations are the Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, which are all teams that have space for two max contracts in 2019. 

Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

Minnesota’s Jimmy Butler is most determined to find a way to the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources tell ESPN. The appeal of partnering with a second star – the Clippers have two max contract slots available in summer free agency – is an intriguing scenario for him.

We have mentioned possible destinations for Jimmy Butler in past articles, but now that his trade or eventual departure seems eminent, here are the Top 3 destinations for Butler via trade or free agency in July of 2019. 

1. Los Angeles Clippers: Only because Butler reportedly lists LA as his top destination. Honestly, the Clippers are a sinking ship. They traded off Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan is in Dallas and the team is in another rebuild, which is exactly the situation Butler is trying to avoid.  The Clippers have money to acquire another superstar and rumors about LA acquiring Kawhi Leonardand Butler in 2019 free agency have perked some media interest. 


It’s starting to feel like LeBron’s going to be playing for the 2nd-best team in Los Angeles.” @RealSkipBayless on reports that Jimmy Butler wants to team up with Kawhi Leonard on the Clippers

But in the Western Conference, it will take at least three big-time ballers to even think about treading water in the Wild West where Golden State and Houston sit shoulders above the competition and LeBron James Lakers are on the creep. 

2. New York Knicks: In June there were reports that the Celtics were afraid Kyrie Irving would opt out of his contract and become a free agent in July. to this day, hes refused to commit to a contract extension with the Celtics and the rumors surrounding his interest in becoming a Knick seems to be legit and his plan seems to include bringing Jimmy Butler along for the ride. 

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2019 New York Knicks according to Enes Kanter: – Kyrie Irving – Jimmy Butler – Kevin Knox – Enes Kanter – Kristaps Porzingis

Via The Shadow League:

“A league source close to the situation told the Chicago Sun-Times that Kyrie Irving and former Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler are still trying to figure out a way to play together. Whether that means the Celtics try and acquire Butler this summer or the two simply wait a year, both opt out of their player options after the season, and join forces that way.”

 Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports said on his podcast in June that the Celtics are scared Irving could leave next summer, and the Knicks are viewed as a potential destination.

I think theyre scared, Mannix said. I think theyre scared and should be scared to some degree of Kyrie Irving walking in 2019. I know he had a great year, but you know there are people in Cleveland that will tell you that the Knicks should be considered a real threat for Kyrie Irving. Because Kyrie had talked about it, about playing with the Knicks with some players in that Cleveland locker room from what I was told.

“If Butler could win his way to MSG with Kyrie, and Kristaps Porzingis can return fully healthy, then the Knicks would automatically have a formidable Big Three to contend in the East.”

David Fitzdale, Scott Perry and Steve Mills are going to put their best foot forward in trying to make it happen. 

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New York to free cap space for 2019, possibly to attract Kyrie Irving #Knicks

3. Brooklyn Nets: While the Knicks are the Big Brother New York franchise, the Brooklyn Nets surely need a boost. A superstar name, anything to light a fire under a franchise that has been dwelling in mediocrity and blindness since they relocated at Barclays Arena.  

The Nets, who haven’t had a winning record since the 2013-14 season, will reportedly have their sights set on luring Kyrie Irving to Brooklyn. Doing that will take the acquisition of another superstar (Dwight Howard won’t cut it) and the Nets have been listed as a potential landing spot for Butler as well. The Nets probably cant nab both Kyrie and Butler, but they can take a shot at getting at least one superstar to Brooklyn. It would be a great startup acquisition for a franchise that needs something exciting to happen.  If any of these players could bring championship-caliber hoops back to New York, they would become instant legends. 

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